John P. O’Neill: The Man Who Knew Al Queda Did It

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John O'Neill

John O'Neill: FBI American Hero

Ancient proverb in American management say: ‘No Good Deed Goes Unpunished”.

Frontline just rebroadcast a version John O’Neill’s story in PBS’s “Frontline” which first aired in October 2002. It is titled “The Man Who Knew”, meaning he seemed to be the one guy who smelled that Osama bin Laden and Al Queda were a big threat. He rose from a college job at the FBI as fingerprint clerk and tour guide to the FBI’s most notorious and dogged Al Queda hunter when in 1995 he is involved in the operation to capture the original 1993 World Trade Center truck bomber, Ramsi Yousef and immerses himself into understanding the shadowing world of radical Muslim terrorists. What most people who HAVE heard of Yousef still don’t know is that Jayna Davis dug up a lot of evidence that Terry Nichols, who was arrested in the Oklahoma City bombing, probably got bomb training from the master in the Phillipines, but the feds chose to stop at blaming it on a couple of radical white guys rather than investigate help they might have got from Iraqi agents in the area.

Yousef also experimented with small liquid bombs which tested on Philippine Airlines Flight 434, nearly downing a Jumbo Jet and tearing apart a Japanese passenger before arriving in Tokyo and envisioned the “Bojinka” plot which would eventually evolve into 9/11 even after Yousef’s capture.

But his swagger makes him vulnerable, and ironically while future 9/11 terrorists are getting visas to travel in and out of Yemen, O’Neill is barred from returning to Yemen to track down Al Qaeda’s role in the the bombing of the USS Cole. That attack was assisted or directed by none other than Khalid al-Mihdhar, one of the leaders of the 9/11 hijackers operating from Yemen who was taking a “break” from training in San Diego to “visit his wife and daughter” in the same safe house/ communications hub used to direct 9/11 from that “cave in afghanistan”. Those on the show really “don’t know” if 9/11 could have been prevented if O’Neill had been allowed to track down Al Queda in Yemen. Eventually, we get the impression that the FBI is working much harder to put O’Neill out of business than Osama bin Laden over minor stunts like borrowing a company car and losing track of a briefcase. Eventually they made sure any new intelligence didn’t get to anyone who would know what to do with it, certainly not to O’Neill.

It is almost as if somebody very high knew that O’Neill was getting uncomfortably close to the plot that was underway and ordered that he was to be fired before he could spill the beans. Not everybody knows that the FBI at the time did hire Islamic informants, and some of them rented their apartment to the hijackers in San Deigo, and who knows if Al Qaeda had any people higher up in the FBI. This is especially signficant when on the flip side, given the number of times that Anwar al-Awlaki, now the target of US bombing strikes, was investigated before and after he was known to be giving advice to the San Diego hijacker cell. Time and time again, somebody sounded the alarm on Awlaki, and every single time, investigators were essentially told to hit the snooze button and clear him one more time. Eventually he fled to the UK before wearing out his welcome there after hanging out with terrorists and eventually his home town in Yemen when our favorite method of communication is now a drone strike. In a plot twist out of a Dicken novel, O’Neill ultimately accepted a job overseeing security at the World Trade Center which he feared would be attacked again the day before he died in the collapse of the towers.

While the 9-11 “truthers” are usually dismissed and ignored as crazy people, I don’t believe it is a coincidence that these stories always show up on the same propoganda progressive / alternative media sites such as the deceptivelyl-named Veterans Today which always carry stories alternatively blaming Jews / Zionists / Israel for the world’s problems or holding up Arabs / Muslims as the world’s most suffering victims as apologists for Hamas, Hezbollah, and Iran. What nobody seems to notice is that no matter how crazy the story, the one common thread is that they all coincidentally move blame away from Islamic radicals like Al Queda to Israel / Mossad and US/Bush as enemies of the world. My conspiracy theory is that THEY are the false flag conspiracy to hide Al Queda’s deep involvement in the entire War Against the West and whatever connections they had inside the US government and media. I suspect their friends must have been behind the silencing of O’Neill.

The Southern Poverty Law Center slams VT for their common line “there was a conspiracy behind 9/11 (Israel orchestrated it, in cahoots with the American government), that the American government is a puppet (of Israel), that the Holocaust never happened or was greatly exaggerated (Jews made it up to manipulate non-Jews), and, most recently, that Julian Assange, the man behind Wikileaks, is a pawn (of Israel)” and calls it “an endless stream of Israel-bashing mixed in with some bona fide anti-Semitism ” Co-editor Mark D. Siljander was convicted of, and pled guilty to obstruction of justice and acting as an unregistered foreign agent related to his work for an Islamic charity with ties to international terrorism in 2010. Counter-Jihad Bloggers Adam Holland, Jawa report and Little Green Footballs also notice that this outfit named for honoring US veterans seems to spend a lot of time cheerleading for terrorists as well, if not the entire network of websites dedicated to spreading “9-11 truth” across the west as well as the Islamic world.

The Frontline episode can be seen at this link | transcript

The Path to 9/11 (ABC Miniseries) Got It Right

One series that was so controversial that it was never, and probably will never be broadcast again is the ABC miniseries “Path to 9/11″. This is a slightly fictionalized story based largely on John O’ Neills crusade to hunt down the World Trade Center, based largely on the official 9/11 commision report, you’ll have to look elsewhere for the no-planes and no-muslim version of events.

Here are the first few parts posted on Youtube:








Aida Fariscal: The Filipina Woman Who Knew

Phillipines Typical Phillilpines Policewoman (

Here’s the obligatory Asian part of the story with a magnificent Filipina woman police officer who was featured in the the arrest of Yousef’s buddy in Manila by Aida Fariscal who took charge in pursuing the terrorist. Abdul Murad was actually the first to come up with the idea of flying airplanes into a building, though his idea of CIA headquarters was quickly dismissed as silly. Now Fariscal is just a retired granny in a one bedroom apartment, but she deserves much better than to watch 9/11/11 on her TV, perhaps somebody out there can arrange her for a flight to NYC to visit Ground Zero and recognition by the American Pinoy community along with Betty Ong as Asian Heroes of the War of 9/11.

Here is what Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia has to say about this minor national hero who should be a role model for aspiring policewomen everywhere:

Aida D. Fariscal (1940? – ) is a former police officer and watch commander in the Manila Police Department in the Philippines. She is now a retired grandmother living on pension in a one bedroom apartment. Her name is largely unknown outside of the Philippines. She was depicted in the 2006 docudrama The Path to 9/11, although by a much younger actress. An actress portrays her in the Mayday (Air Emergency, Air Crash Investigation) episode “Bomb on Board.”[1]

Fariscal spent seventeen years as a homemaker before enrolling in the police department in 1977. The widow of a slain police officer, she rose through the ranks of the Manila Police Department, and in 1983 won an award for arresting three murder suspects on Mindoro Island.

On the night of January 6, 1995, she was suspicious about a small fire that went out unassisted at the Doña Josefa Apartments; her suspicions were augmented by a wave of bombings that hit Metro Manila, and Philippine Airlines Flight 434. This led her to uncover a terrorist plot made by alleged Al-Qaida agents named Operation Bojinka. She came to the apartment with a partner, looked around, and left after a telephone rang. She had to ask 11 judges to find one that would grant her a search warrant. She, along with a group of investigators and police then uncovered evidence, before arresting a suspect who called himself Ahmed Saeed. She refused to let go of a suspect, who turned out to be Abdul Hakim Murad, after he offered her 110,740 Philippine pesos ($2,000 U.S. dollars).

Her decision to investigate the fire saved thousands of lives, including that of Pope John Paul II. She received a monetary award of the equivalent of 33,222 pesos ($700) and a trip to Taiwan from the government. She also won a laminated award from the CIA for her action. The certificate reads, “Awarded to Senior Inspector Aida D. Fariscal, in recognition of your personal outstanding efforts and co-operation.” After she foiled the plot, the Philippine police assigned her two bodyguards for five years. The bodyguard service ended shortly before September 11.

Inside 9/11: The War Continues

The National Geographic Channel has the latest installment of the “Inside 9/11″ series which does an excellent job of painting the entire “War of 9/11″ which puts 9/11 as only one battle in a much larger World War. American Imam Anwar al-Awlaki, the “new Internet Bin Laden” is highighted, as are other other incidents which are often left out the big picture of important attacks carried out or plotted by Americans or which law enforcement still have not recognized as part of the war, such as the Fort Hood Shooting by Nidal Hasan, the shooting of two soldiers at a Little Rock recruiting office shooting by a convert who had returned from Yemen, and the 2008 Mumbai attacks by gunmen and bombs.

Here is a post of the episode, which should persuade some of you who don’t appreciate cable TV to think about getting it.



9/11 Bait To Lure US Military Into Trap in Afghanistan

I picked up a couple of books from the libraries around here. “Islam under siege” by Akbar S. Ahmed I really didn’t care for so much. He complains that Muslims seen as violent terrorists after PLO airliner hijackings and attacks and 9/11. Man how can anybody get such an impression? It takes such an “even-handed” approach that “terrorist” is always in quotes, and he’s always quick to point out how Islam is “under siege” by the ignorant and cruel west. Here is his take on invading Afghanistan to put Bin Laden’s base of terror out of business:

War was declared on “terrorism” and in early Octorber 2001, the bombing of Afghanistan began .. no voice was raised to point out that not a single one of the nineteen hijackers was an Afghan; neither was bin Laden an Afghan. It appeared as if someone almost at random had to be selected and sacrificed to avenge September 11. Afghanistan was the most convenient choice at hand.

I am much more impressed with Inside Al-Queda and the Taliban by Syed Aaleem Shahzad. This author says he traveled to Iraq, Lebanon, North Waziristan and Afghanistan to visit Al Queda leaders to interview and meet many of the players in Al Queda. Normally that sort of travel would be enough to land you on a no-fly list, but on the other hand, he tells it like it is, not playing taquiya where you tell the Westerners (and as Asian Americans, those of us who are not communist sympathizers would be Westerners) how moderate they are, yet it’s not hard to figure out which side they are really on.

He sees the Al Queda story is not that one Bin Laden or even Ramsi Yousef but a rich tapestry of many characters, like Queeen Sheherazade’s “A Thousand and One Nights” (not any many American high school reading lists, but probably not as bad as some of the crap being assigned these days). He sees that Al-Queda, rather than buried under the rubble of the Tora Bora mountains actually emerged to spread its wings from North Africa to Central Asia and emerger as a real global resistance movement against Western hegemony.

He sees the world of Al Queda as “unmeasured energy emerging purely on the strength and conviction and human ingenuity against the sophisitcated might of advanced technology to provoke the United States the world’s sole surviving superpower to fight in a region where people lived in the stone age – an age where high tech meant nothing and untutored wisdom for survival was all that was to be had.” Now, as Maxwell Smart might say, if only if it were for nice instead of evil. The plan was to “trap the world’s most powerful states in the impossible terrain of Afghanistan — lead them to exhaust their energies there before the expansion of the theater of war against the West from Central Asia to Bangladesh”

He says that the Taliban was brought under Al-Queda’s direct command. “Al Queda’s first objective was to win the war against the West in Afghanistan” then move on to fighting extend from Central Asia and Bangladesh to exhaust the superpower’s resources “before bringing it on to the field in the Middle East for final battles to revive the Muslim political order undr the Cliphate which would then lead to the liberation of the all Muslim territories.” Well so much for the anti-war movement, Code Pink, Adam Kokesh et al, if we think they represent the real feelings of the Religion of Peace.

Shazad believes the defeat of Western coalition appears imminent, and the West is looking for way out. But he ominousoly warns that if Ron Paul gets his way, “it will not end Al-Qaeda’s War against the West”, it will only be the end of one round. He says that 9/11’s purpose (and also NatGeo’s Inside 9/11) was to provoke a war in South Asia. The “26/11″ Mumbai assauts in 2008 was a sign that Al Qaeda was expanding its conflict east into India and Bangladesh, as revealed by American David Headley

Their stated plan:

” We planned this battle to bring the Great Satan and its allies into this swamp. Afghanistan is one of the most unique places in the world where a hunter has all sorts of traps to choose from. The traps might be set in deserts, rivers, mountains or even in urban centres. This is our thinking. We are sick and tired of The Great Satan’s global intrigues and aim for its demise to make this world a place for peace and justice. The Great Satan is full of arrogance of its superiority and thinks of Afghans as helpless statues who can be easily hit from all four sides by America’s war machine without the power or capacity to retaliate.”

So, for all the talk that the Bush “we/ the-jews blew up the world trade center” plot of 9/11 was to justify war against Muslims, and Nidal Hasan’s ranting that he did not the United States to fight in Afghanistan, Bin Laden’s goal all along was to create another Vietnam quagmire, with Obama obliging by seeming to fight a war just incompetently enough to get America to withdraw before doing any great damage to the Taliban as long as he gets credit for getting Bin Laden, and Glen Beck’s “crazy” warning of war erupting from the left to the right side of the eastern hemisphere is slowly coming to be as he warned us.

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