Chinese Dad + Asian Driver = Toddler Driver

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From the UK’s Sun under “Best Video” (also seen on A toddler driving through traffic: The ‘shocking’ video: A Chinese preschooler weaves along a four-lane highway — as filmed by her strangely indulgent parents from the backseat

Taking the presumed benefits of “early-start” education to an extreme: A Chinese couple encourage their toddler to drive a car down busy streets while she gurgles to herself.
For reasons known only to themselves, the parents of a Chinese toddler recently filmed her driving a car down a busy four-lane highway. The video-camera-wielding parents can be heard in the background, shouting encouragement and advice (in Chinese) from the back seat (the !@#$% back seat?? Even Americans sit shotgun while their teen children are learning to drive). (Watch the “shocking” video below.) At one point, the little speedster passes an SUV and her father says: “Concentrate! Be careful when passing other vehicles.” When the father finally says, “Jia Zheng, stop the car. Let daddy drive,” the girl pulls over, and hops out of the driver’s seat easily — she’s not wearing a seat belt. She pops a pacifier (OMG, they’re not kidding) into her mouth, and her dad takes over — after moving stilts (well, OK, Russians and Americans used this trick to fit Asian pilots in MiG-15s and A-37 fighters) she uses to reach the gas pedal and brakes.

Can somebody give a full translation of Daddy’s advice to the girl?

Asian Dad’s Got Nothing on This American Grandpa: Grand Canyon Death March

From CBS News, we get this story categorized under “crazy things White Americans do to their kids”:

Grandpa charged with forcing Grand Canyon hikes
(AP) FLAGSTAFF, Ariz. — An Indiana man forced his three young grandsons to hike 18 miles in triple-digit heat at the Grand Canyon and denied them food and water, authorities said. Christopher Carlson, of Indianapolis, remained jailed Thursday on six counts of child abuse. The boys, ages 12, 9 and 8, told investigators that they had been hit, pushed, choked, pinched and squeezed during trips on a popular trail at the canyon’s South Rim last month.

Now the boys are “safely” under the custody of Child Protective Services, not one of my favorite government agencies. Mother was shocked, saying that grandpa loved the kids and was going to take them (on a worse death march?) to Disneyland (OF COURSE YOU’RE GOING TO DO SPACE MOUNTAIN IF IT KILLS YOU YOU LITTLE WUSS!!!@#$)

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