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  • Wang Xuan

    Daily Dose 9/7/11

    Daily Dose September 7, 2011     San Francisco Announcement “Chinatown Park and Ride” program improved Chinatown goers who experience the frustrations of finding parking in the neighborhood on weekends will be able to relax now that the program, Chinatown Park and Ride has revamped […]

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  • Deflecting attacks from one group to The Chinese

    Stop Hating Muslims Because We’re Being Invaded By The Chinese

    [Hu’s on First ] Apologize or protect your favorite ethnic / religious group if you must, but please do not simply redirect hatred onto another group, as illustrated by the classic Glen Larson cartoon bears. Ok you Asian American folks, it’s time to stop pigpiling […]

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  • MelindaMae11

    AHSC Featured Vendor: Melinda Mae Handbags

    Editor’s Note: From handcrafted jewelry, fabric hand bags made with Asian inspired prints to Asian influenced apparel and creative home decorations, AsianWeek will be featuring Asian-inspired Arts and Crafts vendors each Tuesday to kick off the summer festival season. The featured vendors all have previously […]

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  • AASA

    Daily Dose: 9/6/11

    Nation >>Asian American club hopes to transcend Stereotypes about ethnic minorities The student-led Asian American Student Association (AASA) at Oklahoma State University invites all students on campus to combat Asian American stereotypes to ultimately combat stereotypes about ethnic minorities. AASA’s goals include the following: breaking […]

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