AHSC Featured Vendor: Melinda Mae Handbags

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Editor’s Note: From handcrafted jewelry, fabric hand bags made with Asian inspired prints to Asian influenced apparel and creative home decorations, AsianWeek will be featuring Asian-inspired Arts and Crafts vendors each Tuesday to kick off the summer festival season.

The featured vendors all have previously participated in the Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) – the largest pan Asian street fair nationwide that takes place the third Saturday of every May in San Francisco.

Produced by the AsianWeek Foundation, the AHSC is committed to supporting and promoting these creative and hardworking craftsmen vendors who may otherwise not get the online attention and exposure they deserve.

Melinda Mae Handbags

Melinda Mae Handbags was established in 2007 in Fremont, CA, selling herhand-made handbags with Asian-inspired fabric prints. The designer, Melinda Mae, was inspired by her grandmother, who was a seamstress who could make anything crafty.

She purchased her own sewing machine after creating pillows and clothing from a borrowed sewing machine in junior high.

But she soon found out that she could easily replicate handbags that she saw in stores; with that idea in mind, Melinda Mae Handbags was born.

By creating her own business, Mae wanted her own brand to express her creativity, designing handbags for people like herself while inspiring others to pursue their dreams and aspirations.

Inspired by her days relaxing on the sun in the beach, influenced by soulful music and the nightlife—her handbags are personally hand-made to show playfulness, quality, and functionality. These uniquely designed bags reflect “playful days and soulful nights…to celebrate carefree attitudes and enjoying life.”

Melinda Mae Handbags will be presented at the Capsule Design Festival (www.capsulesf.com) in Hayes Valley in San Francisco on Sunday, September 18th.

Her business also supports up-and-coming independent artists.

For more information about Mae and her designs, or to purchase handbags, please visit her personal website at http://www.melinda-mae.com, or drop by Modern Mouse in Alameda, Eni-Thing in San Jose, The Usuals in San Jose, and RAG SF in San Francisco. These stores sell Melinda Mae handbags.

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