Stop Hating Muslims Because We’re Being Invaded By The Chinese

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Apologize or protect your favorite ethnic / religious group if you must, but please do not simply redirect hatred onto another group, as illustrated by the classic Glen Larson cartoon bears.

Ok you Asian American folks, it’s time to stop pigpiling on that UCLA chick and take notice of liberal /progressive David Sirota of Creators Syndicate and his September 5th piece which appeared in the Huffington Post, Salon, Everett Herald Seattle Times, San Francisco Chronicle , Richmond Times Dispatch and Google only knows how many other leading mainstream newspapers:

America’s Lesson of the Chinese Invasion

Some bits:

  • the epitaph on America’s tombstone will ultimately read, “Made In China.”
  • the Chinese invasion isn’t just a distant possibility — it’s happening right now.

  • almost every Americana-themed trinket sold in the Smithsonian Institute is made in China.
  • San Francisco is importing its new bay bridge from China.
  • ..Big Apple awarding Chinese state-subsidized firms huge taxpayer-funded contracts to “renovate the subway system, refurbish the Alexander Hamilton Bridge over the Harlem River and build a new Metro-North train platform near Yankee Stadium.”
  • Martin Luther King monument in Washington was designed by a Chinese government sculptor and assembled by low-wage Chinese workers… is built by non-union serfs from China, it’s a good sign there’s a big problem.
  • Xenophobes will say China’s ascendance threatens America’s global cultural hegemony and promises to create a dystopia forcing us all to endure the supposed horrors of speaking Mandarin and using chopsticks. Such misguided and bigoted demagoguery (oh no, he’d NEVER stoop to saying that, but wait, he just said that)
  • leads companies to send jobs overseas (to… China?)
  • .. American real estate owned by Chinese companies, and American civil rights memorials constructed with Chinese slave labor. (Slaves, really??)
  • seems as wholly inconceivable as walking into a big-box store (stereotype that everything in Walmart is cheap crap made in China) and finding lots of products that are still made in the USA.

Now just who IS this guy and what does he stand for? Now the one really silly politically incorrect thought I had as I woke up to see the towers fall on 9/11 was “well at least somebody else is going to take the heat for being the bad guys besides the Chinese”. That lead me to check into whether he’s one of these guys who has absolutely no tolerance for people who want to investigate radical Islamists, but


Well, not quite everybody, at least not THIS Red White And Blue Yellow American. Turns out, I’d mentioned him before that he was one of the few Americans that wasn’t thrilled about the killing of Osama Bin Laden

Chanting USA! USA! is impolite

Salon’s David Sirota, who has figured out that Muslims are the victims of anti-Muslim bigotry and apartheid at the hands of the real terrorists who run Israel. Click on David Sirota
says it’s not polite to celebrate the killing of Bin Laden.

So I did a little surfing to find out what else he’s been saying, and I would say that he’s cheering for the wrong side of the War on Terror. I have yet to see ANYBODY or group backing Palestine, or condemning Jews / Israel who I would call a “good guy”.

  • he’s been quoted by Al Jazeerah the favorite news network of Arabs and Muslims worldwide, also linked and posted by Crescent Post “dedicated to bringing diverse voices about the ‘Muslim Street’ together in one place” and the Muslim Link There’s isn’t anything more wrong about advocating for interests of Muslims than of Asian Americans, but it’s a False Flag (TM) when you’re waving the American flag, but hiding a Crescent one.
  • Writes about “Today’s Anti-Muslim Bigotry” in the leftist Huffington Post
  • Sirota asked without passing judgement on the Gaza Flotilla, but a fan of his was pretty obviously pro-Arab/Palestine
  • He calls himself and hangs out with “progressive” which is about the same as “anti-war” which used to mean backing the Viet Cong, the original terrorists who invented IEDs and terrorizing local villagers by murdering public officials before Al Queda picked it up. Now “anti-war” means opposing the “War on Terrorism” which is (wait a minute..) kind of like but not exactly the same as supporting terrorism???
  • He opposes all of the efforts of no less than Fox News, Glenn Beck, John Hagee, Pat Buchanan, Sean Hannity and Congressman Peter T. King to oppose and investigate Islamic terrorism (which if you haven’t figured out are spot on as far as I’m concerned)
  • supports the Ground Zero mosque
  • defends “God Damn America”, pro-Arab Rev Jeremiah Wright
  • he says 9-11 truther, pro-Palestine Van Jones was forced out by Glenn Beck because he was black
  • Guest on “Young Turks” Cenk Uygar who calls himself an “ethnic Muslim” and generally favors Palestine over Israel
  • appeared on Russian Propoganda Today to complain about the killing of Osama bin Laden
  • On Salon, he opposes the CIA drone strikes which have devastated Al Queda leadership, and says the Times Square bombing attempt which was planned and trained in Pakistan was justifiable military retaliation against the USA.
  • carried by website of Irans’ PressTV opposing surveillance of suspected terrorists
  • 9-11 truthers “We are Change” calls him a “propogandist” and Sirota admits he’s read books by David Ray Griffin and while doesn’t believe the theories have been proven has no problems with people coming up with such theories.

Clearly, a man who supposedly stands on a solid anti-Islamophobia rock of TOLERANCE(TM) shoud have absolutely NO tolerance of one-dimensional attacks of ANY group, be they Conservatives, Republicans, Christians, or even THE (Asian riff prease…) CHINESE.

Funny thing is that whenever it comes to terrorism, Sirota always spouts off on the REAL terrorists – you know, Israel, Tea Party, Republicans, Christians, Glenn Beck and now, the Chinese. When the US locked up all the Japanese in WWII, it was clearly wrong because NOT ONE JAPANESE AMERICAN was ever found guilty of an act of sabotage or war. For that matter damn few of any of the above “real terrorists” have commited any terrorist acts against the US. (USS Liberty counts for one against Israel but they apologized, Oklahoma City WAS tied to Al Queda, and Breivik’s manifesto was printed on Al Queda watermark stationery, and all the violence is AGAINST Tea partiers)

But according to the Religion of Peace website, over 17,704 attacks have been carried out by the tiny minority of that religion that has declared War Against The West since the 9/11 attacks in just about every nation whether Muslim or otherwise, including against China.

Other than sending us cheap crap, spying, censorship, network hacking and your garden variety human rights violations neither China as a nation nor ethnic Chinese have commited ANY terrorist attack against the US or any of its allies. The same can’t be said for places or organizations such as Iran, Syria, Libya, Pakistan ISI, North Korea, Al Queda, Hamas or Hezbollah.

Sure, China IS currently capable of incinerating a good number of US cities with land-based ICBMs as we sleep as a nuclear power. They surely seek to and maybe could rival the US in military power, technology and GNP sometime in this century. But in contrast to the Islamist/Al Queda vision of how to put the United States and Europe into their proper place, China’s approach does not resort to terrorism, at least not directly with their own troops or terrorist agents.

All of you ANGRY ASIAN AMERICANS, please show that you can get angry at ANYBODY that defames the good name of any Asian ethnic group, no matter their race, gender, gender identify, or politics. America has not seen the likes of such an anti-Chinese headline since the Workingman’s Party motto “THE CHINESE MUST GO!” Asian Week’s Kenneth Eng made national newspaper and cable news headlines for spouting hatred of ethnic groups if not for his less famous sympathies for mass shooters and terrorists. Nobody should tolerate blanket attacks on Undocumented Aliens, Arabs, Hindus, Sikhs, Africans, Jews or any class, people or nation.

Whether you are an Asian or just a friend of one, please tell your friends or even the Chinese press and track down every posting on this tremendously insulting and hateful piece and leave comments or tell the editor or webmaster what you think of this utterly inexcusable attack on the Chinese who are the largest nationality in the world and one out of seven persons on this planet. Please attack the Canadians instead.

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