C.C.S.F Student Wins AsianWeek’s First Annual Potstickers Contest

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Potstickers Champ Jeffrey Fang

Jeffrey Fang, Student Trustee at City College of San Francisco (CCSF), won the 1st annual Potstickers Eating Contest hosted by the AsianWeek Foundation on September 21st. 2011 at the Carnelian by the Bay in San Francisco, beating out local Asian American political participants.

Fang came in first place by eating 26 potstickers in three minutes. He replaced Lawrence Wong, the President of the Board of Trustees of the San Francisco Community College District.

“I feel like I did right by my students, which are 100,000 strong,” Fang said. “We could eat the whole city up and still feel hungry.”

Fang, in other words, resembled a younger version of Trustee Wong as an eating contestant.

“According to [Trustee Wong,] yes,” Fang said.

Participants had three minutes to gobble as many potstickers as possible. The winner would receive a golden potsticker, a golden chopstick and a certificate recognizing their victory.

Six Asian American political candidates participated in this pot stickers contest. They include Sunnyvale Councilman Otto Lee, BART Board Member James Fang, Captain of the San Francisco Sheriff Department and Sheriff candidate Paul Miyamoto, City College Trustee Steve Ngo and Supervisor Ross Mirikirmi.

From left to right: Steve Ngo, Otto Lee, Samson Wong, Jeffrey Fang, Ross Mirikirmi, Paul Miyamoto, and James Fang.  Photo by FotoSF.

Sunnyvale Councilman Otto Lee ate 24 potstickers, finishing in second place.

BART Board Member James Fang came in third place by consuming 23 potstickers.

Fourth place went to Captain of the San Francisco Sheriff Department and Sheriff Candidate Paul Miyamoto, who ate 22 potstickers.

“I conceded age to [Jeffrey],” he said. “I’m about twenty years older but I gave him some competition.”

City College Trustee Steve Ngo ate the second fewest potstickers with 17. He finished in fifth place.

Last place went to Supervisor Ross Mirikirmi. He ate 10 potstickers.


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