Occupy Wall Street Fatwa Threatens Terror Against Ivy League Tech Workers

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days of rage

days of rage

[Hu’s on First]
People say that the Occupy Wall Street folks don’t have a coherent message, but that’s because the “peaceful protests” are just as mask over what they really stand for. You have to research who is behind this movement and what else they have been promoting to understand that is ultimately not about corporate greed or unfairness, but the Global War of 9/11, the “Global Resistance” against the West of which the “Arab Spring” was a big part of Al Queda’s goal of eliminating “corrupt” governments hostile to Islamic fundamentalists and non-belligerent towards Israel. They have declared war on the United States, not just what they are identifying are the 1% of American who should be demonized and punished even though they themselves truly represent the 1-5% of American who want to destroy America.

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