Bad Daycare + Bad Drivers in China = tragic video

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[Hu’s on First]

It wasn’t long ago that the world was aghast at the little Chinese girl who was driving her family car. Now Asian and worldwide media posted a shocking video showing a 2 year old girl Wang Yue (“Yue Yue”) in China who was run over by 2 vehicles (not as big as American rigs but big enough) that just ran away as if she was a speed bump. Her limp body blocking the road was ignored by as many as 18 passers by before a woman scavenging garbage picked her up alerted the mother. The girl later died in a military hospital and the drivers were arrested. Here is the sanitized version from AP, but there is a also a detailed uncut version here with subtitles.

There are actually two issues here. One is that people are reluctant to help because some people who helped people lying on the ground got sued successfully because they claimed to knock the “victim” down before helping. The other which came out in China Daily pdf is why such a young girl was wandering around a busy alley by herself in the first place, which points to parental neglect. Her parents were migrant workers running a small stall in a massive 2,000 stall market in Foshan. They interviewed another parent who said “We don’t have time to take care of our child because our business is so busy” and wanted to send his kid back to their hometown after hearing about the accident.

That’s not to say we have awful accidents with toddlers in the US as well, or don’t do things like put a baby in a stroller in the back of a pickup. Lots of Asians shops bring their kids to hang out in back doing homework or video games. Many cul de sacs have the little “watch for children” signs and statues, and we would never leave out children that small to wander around a dark street begging for candy without a blinking reflective safety vest and flashlight. Lesson here, never let you kids out of your sight.

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