AsianWeek Interviews With San Francisco’s Mayoral Candidates: Paul Currier

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With Asian Americans comprising approximately one-third of the city’s population, the next mayor of San Francisco should have plans to address issues relevant to this robust community.

To ensure that they do, has invited all of the 16 mayoral candidates–including six well qualified and prominent Asian Americans: Mayor Ed Lee, California State Senator Leland Yee, Assessor-Recorder Phil Ting, President of the Board of Supervisors David Chiu, Public Defender Jeff Adachi, Wilma Pang a longtime community activist and college professor–to share with our readers their solutions to what they deem the most prevalent problems in the Asian American community.

Beginning Oct. 24th, 2011 and leading up to the Nov. 8th election, will be highlighting a different mayoral candidate.

Featured in this installment is Community Activist Paul Currier

1. What is (are) the greatest health issue(s) facing Asian American Pacific Islanders (APIs) and what will you do as mayor to address it (them)?

We have a serious Hep-C issue in San Francisco and California.  I support the seven strategic recommendations of the San Francisco Hepatitis C Task Force.  I am not a Pubic Health Professional and I differ to the recommendations to those who are trained in this area.  As Mayor I will deliver the full support and strength of the Office of the Mayor to deliver on the seven recommendations of the San Francisco Hepatitis C Task Force.

Sharmin Bock, who is running for District Attorney took the time to educate me on how vast the women and child human trafficking problem is and how large this issue is within our Asian Communities all over California, especially in Oakland and here in San Francisco.  This is a health issue as well, where many are not comfortable even putting the topic on the table.  As Mayor, I will extend my full support to combat this health and safety issue as well.
These focus points do not fully wrap our community arms around the larger issue Mayor Ed Lee focused us all on, yesterday when he vetoed the amendment to protect our San Francisco workers who work hard for hourly wages.  Many Asians are in this group, and the Mayor’s veto of the Amendment to the Healthy San Francisco County Public Option in Health Care was tragic.  I would immediately ask the Supervisors to place that Law before me upon my inauguration, so we can give our workers the health benefits they earn with their hard work.  When cash benefits are earned by workers as part of their compensation, those monies are not to be taken back by unscrupulous business people, regardless of race.  There are thousands of Asians who’s access to health care is our Healthy San Francisco Program, as all that is required to join is to live here in San Francisco.  It is not necessary to be a US Citizen to qualify.  The Mayor hurt our immigrant communities with his unwise veto. I want to see top quality health care for everyone in San Francisco.
2. Why should Asian American voters choose you as their next mayor?

You will have to forgive me for not addressing these San Francisco Issues as Asian, Black, Hispanic, Gay, or Purple or otherwise.  I am a human being.  We all are.  My proposals for our Public Bank will deliver all of us into community prosperity.  My proposals for our New High-Speed MUNI Subway System with 100 to 150 miles of a new whole city underground grid will effect all our lives, as well as the quality of life in our City and County.  I will operate MUNI for free, as this is a Public System we already own and we already pay the operations costs in our rents, property parcel taxes and our visitors pay in their Hotel Taxes.
No other candidate offers a fully funded Community Development Corporation to deliver equity and credit finance to anyone in San Francisco who wants to go into business.  I am the only candidate who will make those start up and expansion funds available to everyone.  I am the only candidate with the financial plan to do this and more.  I do not support Private Banking.  I do not support the integration of commercial and investment banking allowed now, thanks to Bill Clinton, Nancy Pelosi, George Bush and Barack Obama.  I support Public Banking like is done in the State Bank of North Dakota.  My proposal for our Public Bank of San Francisco will fund our new Subway, fund the short fall in our schools, cut all the fees for San Francisco City College, so our Community College would be free for everyone again, and more. Why should all the voters of San Francisco vote for me as our Next Mayor?  Because of the 16 on the ballot, I am the only candidate with comprehensive solutions to deliver all of us into economic prosperity, full opportunity, and the free choices possible due to both having money and opportunities for our selves and our families.
3. What type of relationships do you have with San Francisco’s Asian-American community?

I studied Chinese for a year with Doris Chung at CCFS.  I lived in Japan for a year as a 10 to 11 year old in Tokyo, where I attended the same school as the Emperor of Japan.  That was a privileged experience.  At one point, I married a Filipina, so I am well versed in Asian Culture as well as European Culture.  My favorite?  American Culture!  (smile).  I live alone now, and my community is my participation in the social groups I have the opportunity to attend.  One half of the seniors here at the John F Kennedy Towers are Asian.  I live at the JFK towers here in Pubic Housing.  I have been a multi millionaire twice in my life here in San Francisco and I have slept on the street.  I am very familiar with all levels of all the communities here in San Francisco and consider my self a real friend to all.  Well, I have one exception.  I am no friend to organized crime.
4. What are some prevalent problems in SF’s Asian American community?
I am happy to note there are many Asians participating in the Occupations going on now in San Francisco and Oakland.  The Occupations address the problems we have as American living as the 99% in a world dominated by a small 1%.  This issue creates all the problems that span all of our SF Communities, Asians as well.  I am aware that the Chinese Media does not like any discussion of the Occupation that has now spread world wide.  I follow the Occupy Beijing with interest and I am pleased at the success with Occupy Hong Kong, Manila, Tokyo, Singapore, and Taipei.  The prevalent problem everywhere is oppression, lack of access to funds for business, school, cars, homes and more.  These issues have come together now for us all in what will be known as the second Great Depression in American and the first true Global Great Depression.  We all need money.  Most are lucky to live pay check to paycheck and are only one paycheck from the streets. Employment, access to schools, decent living situations, adaquate health care, and good public transportation are issues that touch us all, regardless of any small DNA issues.  What really is the difference between all the races?  Less that 1/10 of 1% of our DNA.  Basically we are all human.  A good Mayor will help guide his community into health, wealth, and community harmony and peace for everyone.  That is what I intend to deliver on.  These are my motives to be everyone’s Mayor of ALL of San Francisco.
5. How do you plan on responding to these problems?
My platform is on my website:
I have my proposal for our bank posted there.  I just put up my maps for the 100 to 150 miles of new highspeed MUNI Subway Tunnels.  My key points are posted, and I need to revisit the web work on housing as the web developer was not clear in terms of how devoted I am to community coops and community land trusts.  These are living situations where the people who live in their buildings own their buildings so we can remove landlords.
Critically, we must return control of our Government to the People.  I propose we limit our Supervisors to represent no more than 50,000 residents in San Francisco.  This means we need to add six seats to the Board of Supervisors now, and open up more Neighborhood participation in Local Government. I also will reduce the pay of the Mayor to $170,000 per year, and require that no other employee any where in the City and County make more than the Mayor.  This means we can cut the pay of the Judges and top level people who have been being greedy.  We need to cut out many of the commission used by the Mayor to provide high-paying do-nothing jobs to all his friends.  This is why Ed Lee and all around him are nervous.  They need to go.  Since Diane Feinstein, each Mayor has added people, commission, and structures that steal from the City.  This is organized crime. I will end this and this alone is why people should vote for me. I was born here on the San Francisco Peninsula, and I grew up around here.  Of all the people running, I am the best choice and it’s not about race and ethnicity.  We all need to move past that.  This is the 21st Century.
In closing, I trained at the University of California to be the Governor of California.  I am qualified to be Mayor.  I believe I will be the best Mayor in the history of San Francisco, and when I am elected, do not be a stranger to me.  Come on down to City Hall and allow me to show you around. This is our City.  San Francisco belongs to us all.  Let’s do the best we can for our City and each other and we can all do that by voting for Paul Currier for Mayor on November 8th.


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Tiffany Louie is an Asian American born in San Francisco, obsessed with SF Giants baseball, Hello Kitty, good food, politics, and dogs (not necessarily in that order).