Why I am Voting for Chris Cunnie for San Francisco Sheriff on November 8

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Chris Cunnie

Public safety elections are often a debate between “the law enforcement candidate” and “the rehabilitation candidate” and we rarely have the opportunity to vote for a candidate who represents the best of both. The election for San Francisco Sheriff is an exception.

Chris Cunnie is the rare candidate with both 30 years experience in law enforcement and extensive experience in the prevention, job training and education programs that make us safer. He understands the importance of being tough on crime and yet being compassionate and working with the community.

And Chris Cunnie knows our community and has spent 30 years working to keep all San Franciscans safe. His father was a firefighter stationed in the Chinatown Broadway station. And as a police officer, Chris worked in and patrolled just about every corner of San Francisco. He has been awarded two medals of honor for his service and bravery.

Chris’ 30-year career in public safety is unparalleled and uniquely qualifies him for the job of Sheriff.

As the former Undersheriff of San Francisco, Chris managed a force of over 800 sworn deputies and fought for the education, treatment and job training programs that keep offenders from committing new crimes when they are released.

He worked to bring the many branches of law enforcement together as Director of Emergency Communications in the mayor’s office and helped reduce crime through community engagement as Chief of Investigations in the district attorney’s office.

Chris was Chair of Walden House, one of best treatment centers in San Francisco. And he helped lead statewide efforts to divert addicts into treatment programs.

I am voting for Chris Cunnie because he is the only candidate who can bring all these experiences together to keep San Francisco safe. And I hope you will join me in voting for Chris Cunnie for San Francisco Sheriff on November 8.


Former Police Chief Heather Fong

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