Featured Arts and Crafts Vendor: Om Sairam Craft

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Editor’s Note: From handcrafted jewelry, fabric hand bags made with Asian inspired prints to Asian influenced apparel and creative home decorations, AsianWeek will be featuring Asian-inspired Arts and Crafts vendors each Tuesday to kick off the summer festival season.

The featured vendors all have previously participated in the Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) – the largest pan Asian street fair nationwide that takes place the third Saturday of every May in San Francisco.

Produced by the AsianWeek Foundation, the AHSC is committed to supporting and promoting these creative and hardworking craftsmen vendors who may otherwise not get the online attention and exposure they deserve.

Om Sairam Craft

Comprised of a group of companies, Om Sairam Craft manufactures and exports handmade Nepalese products at wholesale prices that are environmentally friendly and helps reduce deforestation. Their products are all made by village women from different economic backgrounds who live in the hilly and mountainous regions of Nepal, and are 100% free of child labor.

Along with promoting Nepalese products,  they hope to encourage and develop the skills and lifestyle of their employees,  while offering benefits such as healthcare and education for their children.  Om Sairam Craft believes that fair trade leads to social benefits,  and not profits alone.

Om Sai Ram Craft offers a variety of quality Nepalese handicrafts made out of raw materials including wool, silk, hemp, felt,  and cotton.  Local villagers collect wild hemp in batches that do not adversely affect the environment. Production then begins with soaking the plant fiber and drying them on rocks in the soon. The fiber will then be turned into thread by hand, and delivered to looms to be woven into fabric.

Their hand crafted products include wool sweaters, muffler & purses, felt bags, and accessories.


For more information, please visit http://www.sairamcraft.com/index.php.

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