AsiAmRadicals Condemn Mayor Jean Quans Betrayal

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Brainwashed Marxist Jihad-against-the-West cheering America hating radicals including Chris Fan have condemned Oakland Mayor Jean Quan’s order to forcibly evict the forced and illegal occupation of the Occupy Wall Street encampment. In fact they called it the death of “Asian America”. Well good riddance.

Americans, Asian and otherwise shook their heads in disbelief as their formerly flaming activist Asian mayor evidently tried to out-radical white and black radicals by identifying with and encouraging the mob which then proceded to trash the neighborhood, break windows at the Whole Foods and shut down one of the most important ports in the nation, being called “The Worst Mayor In America” by The Five on Fox. Even the liberal “Daily Show” uncovered class divisions between the OWS factions, and celebrated that the people had taken back their park from the occupiers. Occupation is an act of military force, not peaceful protest. Americans have the right to assemble and protest, but NOT to forcibly occupy public or private property. If they don’t vacate nicely, THEY ARE NOT BEING NICE AND ASKING FOR NON-NICE MEANS to be used to enforce the law.

Evil from Mao to Hitler to Osama bin Laden always cloaks itself in the name of “social justice” and “human rights”. My motto, people who bless the Jews are usually good guys. Those who curse and seek the destruction of the Jews and Israel are usually bad, very bad guys. It is pretty obvious which side the Occupy Wall Street people are on. It’s a free country, and Asian Americans are free to believe whatever they want, but just because you CAN celebrate Mao, Marx, Che and Hezbollah does not make it a good idea.

Mayor Quan by Gary Bedard

These people have a lot of nerve to call themselves the “99% of Asian America” when Asian Americans pride themselves of getting the highest grades, test scores and household incomes and lowest divorce rate of any racial group, despite enduring continuing discrimination and high rates of poverty and adults lacking high school diplomas or english language skills.

Most Asians have come in search of, not fleeing from the most advanced capitalist system in world history, and many have fled the ABSOLUTE WORST and bloodiest social and economic system in history. Yet they send their children work hard to get into elite universities that WORSHIP the human disaster that is socialism, communism, Now the anti-Western Jihad and terrorism has taken over the legacy of Communism’s struggle against the West and “perpetrators of social injustice” in being the number 1 killer of American military and civilians from 9/11 to Afghanistan . These people seek to use “social justice” and radicalized religion as the reasoning to destroy the legacy of freedom and prosperity that was created by the evolution of Judeo-Christian values.

It is the radicals who have betrayed Asian America. Jean Quan has seemingly finally has been awakened into sanity and seen what a (what Americans call a) DAMNED FOOL she has been for buying into the American version of the Islamist “Arab Spring”. Asian Americans need to see beyond the 60s radical vision that Asians should identify with oppressed, underdeveloped people (black/women/lgbt/poor/palestinean/whatever) in their struggle AGAINST the developed nations instead of concentrating on being first class citizens of the developed world.

The left that gave us Barack Obama’s vision of “Hope and Change” offers support for communist “wars of liberation”, “justice for Palestine” through terrorist attacks and terrorist threats against tech workers and the wealthy who create the very jobs and industry that support high paying tech and unionized jobs.

Asian America, we need to wake up and call out the real traitors in our very midst.

See Fan’s full article:

I loved this comment:
Go easy on Jean

Jean leads a failing city in a failing state.
“To use a clunky sociological term, Quan has become a symbol of Asian America’s broader “embourgeoisiement” over the past forty years.”
Being revolutionary gets old after while. You couldn’t tell the difference between Stalin and the capitalist he was supposed to hate, Bill Ayres made sure he got off a murder charge, got a tenured teaching position, a nice house in a nice neighborhood and lectured about how horrible it all is. Barack Obama said share the wealth and then took his wealth next door to Bill Ayres and partied with the best of ‘em. Ole Barack wasn’t sharing with the brothers. Pol Pot killed anything that moved. Che Guevara cried like a baby when someone decided it was his turn to die and be a hero to the masses.
Socialist Europe is failing, Japan, once an economic tiger is now fretting about the bills, Germany is feeling what’s it’s like to be the last man in town with money and China is buying Greece 25 cents on the dollar.
Since your beloved group is form without function, maybe they can read history and the news while they take up space in the public square. The Occupiers may feel oppressed but a dumbbell is useless in any society.
Jean Quan hit that brick wall called reality. Being an activist is easy, easier when you are tenured and offering theories on how it should be done, but not so easy when it comes to actually making things work. Usually, things do not end up working. Next thing you know, you end up with a conservative government like Spain.

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