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November 28, 2011




Filipino Americans begin campaign for Obama 2012

Only a few days ago did we just finish eating our Thanksgiving turkey and already young Fil-Am supporters of President Obama are preparing for his campaign for the presidential election.

But why so much early support for President Obama in the Filipino community?

Jason Lagria, national co-chairman of Kaya Filipino Americans for Progress shared his strong opinion of why he chose to work towards the re-election of President Obama.

“Look at his record on diversity – he’s nominated 8 Asian-Americans to federal courts when there were just 7 ever before that. He’s basically doubled the number of Asian Americans in the judiciary and he’s done the same thing in his Cabinet and throughout his administration.”

Even though there are passionate supporters like Lagria, a reader’s poll, conducted by the “Filipino American Journal” concluded that Obama is in trouble.

Some Fil-Am voters are frustrated with his work during the first term and this will work against his chances of being voted again by Fil-Am voters.

We will simply have to wait and see, but according to Lagria, look out for the launch of ‘Filipinos for Obama 2012’ in December.

For more information, visit: http://www.abs-cbnnews.com/global-filipino/11/25/11/obamas-fil-am-supporters-gear-2012-elections




YouTube sensation AJ Rafael considered for 2 Grammy nominations

Remember that 22-year-old Fil-Am musician I wrote a review on for his hit album Red Roses?

He only has 350,000 subscribers on YouTube, was simply ranked #33 in the top pop albums sold on iTunes and was #13 on Billboard’s Heatseeker chart in the first week it was released.

Sarcasm completely implied, the Moreno Valley, California resident is currently up for consideration for two prestigious Grammy categories: Best New Artist and Best Pop Vocal Album for Red Roses.

The Grammy Academy voting period will come to a close tomorrow.

But until we learn of the final nominations, many congratulations to AJ Rafael for the honor of being considered for such esteemed awards.


For more information, visit: http://www.bakitwhy.com/articles/aj-rafael-grammy-nomination





Introducing Jennifer Lim from Broadway’s new comedy “Chinglish”

The New York Times, Ben Brantley commended her for combining the perfect combination of strident and sensual; Scott Brown from New York magazine expressed her performance as “Tony-worthy,” which every consistent theatergoer knows that there is no higher compliment—so who is this highly-acclaimed actress by the name of Jennifer Lim?

Lim, 32, born in Hong Kong and is trilingual in English, Mandarin and Cantonese won the role of the domineering Chinese government bureaucrat, Xi Yan because of her ability to combine all of her cultures together.

“I’ve always had a strong sense of who I am and where I’m from,” said Lim. “I may have a very Westernized education, but my upbringing is very much traditional, conventional Chinese, and the values that have been instilled in me since birth are very Chinese: honor, respect, loyalty, sacrifice, all the things that this character embodies.”

Lim expressed her gratitude for being chosen for the part of Xi Yan, especially after having to play small, stereotypical roles.

“It’s still tough to find roles specifically written for Asian women that play against the stereotypes of the dragon lady, the submissive one or the more current ones of the manicurist, the doctor or the lab technician, which you see on film and TV a lot,” Lim said. “I had read nothing like this before, so it almost feels like I’ve lived my life to this point in preparation for this role.”

For more information, visit: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/24/theater/jennifer-lim-on-her-role-in-david-henry-hwangs-chinglish.html?_r=1&adxnnl=1&ref=asianamericans&adxnnlx=1322513694-NaQMnUyOd8GhlCtLmRt0jA

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