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  • Don’t Tell Colleges You’re Asian? Or Ultimate Quotas?

    Don’t Tell Colleges You’re Asian? Or Ultimate Quotas?

    Found this from a student on Facebook, looks like some people are giving advice to put in “white” if you have white or “hapa” ancestry because there are still rumours of anti-Asian quotas. Whatever quotas they have now don’t work very well when lots of […]

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  • uc system

    Daily Dose: 12/28/11

    Nation >>UC system admitting more Chinese International Student because they pay out-of-state tuition After years of first generation Asian American Students flooding the elite UC campuses, these overachievers may no longer dominate the UC Campuses, as the UC systems are admitting more out-of-state students, most […]

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  • Texas Boycott: So Much For Asian Black Muslim Solidarity

    Texas Boycott: So Much For Asian Black Muslim Solidarity

    Even Azine which calls itself “Progressive, Radical and Revolutionary” which means they should be fans of the Nation of Islam are calling out their favorite group.   Definitely a contrast in ethnic strategies for success between Asians and African Americans. Asians invest the least in […]

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  • retirement

    Scary Statistics: Retirement Risk Running Rampant

    With a whopping 10,000+ baby boomers turning 65 each day, the number of Americans in or approaching retirement – and heading into a financial disaster – is downright shocking. “Study findings continue to reveal the ominous outlook for current and future retirees. Equally unnerving is that […]

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  • ABC7 Anchor Cheryl Jennings presents Profiles of Excellence Award to Asian Week columnist Gerrye Wong

    End of the Year Wrap Up

    As the old end-of-year saying goes – “Where did the year go? It’s seems to have flown past me!”   Never is it truer as one gets older.  Take it from this 25 year AsianWeek veteran columnist, somehow the days go by faster as one ages […]

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  • Photographer Shane Sato, Miss May Kris Mizutani, and Miss November Kelly Banh with the Subaru Hep B Mobile in front of the State Builiding.

    Everyday Hep B Heroes Calendars Launch

    Over 300 people came to celebrate the launch of the 2nd annual Hep B Free Calendar entitled “Everyday Hep B Heroes” which celebrates 12 remarkable Asian Americans of Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese descent that are all raising public awareness for Hepatitis B […]

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  • Private Danny Chen

    Brave Asians Die in Afghanistan – of Racism

    [see updates on my blog] I just caught this in the Seattle Times, “Eight charged in soldier’s apparent suicide”, 19 year old Army private Danny Chen where they are investigating whether racial harassment led to a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Organization of Chinese Americans had a […]

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  • Joanne Jung of the California Nurses Association

    Asian Keys To Winning The CPMC Vote

    Behind-the-scene hardball negotiations over California Pacific Medical Center’s five hospital buildings across three campuses (Cathedral Hill, St. Luke’s and Davies) raised angsts of hundreds packing the Dec. 13 SF Board of Supervisors hearing. The project is one of SF’s 5 largest projects, ranking with California High Speed Rail,Transbay […]

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  • Chinese Shoppers

    America Invaded by Hordes of Chinese…. Shoppers??

    [blog] CAN THE CHINESE COMMUNISTS SAVE OBAMA’S FAILING ECONOMY? Not all Chinese are starving toiling peasants who need safety nets so they don’t jump out of windows at factories where they make iPods for Americans. Some of them have money. Lots of money. Like tour […]

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  • ABS CBN Foundation International greenlights “Sagip Kapamilya” to provide aid to calamity survivors

    Massive Disaster Relief for Victims of Typhoon Sendong Launches

    Redwood City, Calif. – ABS CBN Foundation International launches an international disaster relief effort for the victims of Typhoon Sendong in Mindanao island, the southern region of the Philippines, through Sagip Kapamilya. Tax deductible monetary donations are now being accepted to provide immediate aid. Cheques […]

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