Newt Gingrich Stands Up To Enemies of US and Israel

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Newt Gingrich (Gage_Skidmore)

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Asian Americans are typically the least interested in politics, and the ones who aren’t politically comatose tend to be radically left as heck. But Asian Americans who are truly concerned for freedom, security and world that is Safe For Democracy really need to do your own homework to figure out which candidate is dedicated to protecting America, which one appears to be collaborating with those who want to destroy it in the name of the US Constitution, and the candidate who tries to make both sides happy.

I”m not endorsing Newt or anybody else quite yet, I’d be happy with any of the GOP except for Wrong Paul who is more dangerous than Obama or any of his friends. At least Herman Cain had the right answer on Libya, he’d ask if Al Queda was behind it. Romney is not such a bad guy, I’d rather have a president who goes to the Mormon Temple than “God d**** America”  Rev Wrights’ church which worships Marx more than the Holy Trinity. Bachman doesn’t sound like a nut to me, and Perry’s good on a lot of positions even if he can’t debate out of a paper bag.

Newt Gingrich is truly the anti-Wrong Paul. Recently converted to the Catholic faith, he is fearless on taking a stand to support Israel, and to confront and defeat the enemies of Israel and its allies, including the US and Britain. He’s been called Islamophobic, but that word is usually a red flag that self-identifies people that who hate or at least don’t love Jews, Israel or both.

Obama, who approved the killings of Al Queda leaders Osama bin Laden and Anwar al-Awlaki and largely kept in place the US troops placed in Afghanistan by GW Bush is miles better than Ron Paul. Yet he is still trying to explain how firmly he can be committed to Israel when he’s for a withdrawal to 1967 borders, and half of his friends Stand Up for Palestine or blame Israel for 9/11.

Ron Paul always seems to out-straw poll everybody but Romney and the anti-Romney of the day but always oddly uses “Constitutional Rights” as a mask to justify pulling the rug from under Israel and making peace with Al Queda, Hamas and Iran.

Compare Gingrich positions with Obama or Ron Paul:

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Wow look at the bunch of Paul-bot comments. Interesting they are nearly all as congruent with the Global Islamic Movement as Ron himself. Everything they say is bad for Jews and Israel, everything they say is good for militant Arabs and Islamists.  It’s as if there were a massively funded psy-op campaign to carpet bomb the internet with fronts for pro-Iran pro-Islamist propoganda on every single Ron Paul mention, not that any such thing possibly exist. When these people are tougher on terrorists of any religion than they are on the government and people of Israel, I will believe they are motivated by peace, not the War Against Israel or the War on Islam that Anwar al-Awlaki was complaining about. As Asian Americans, we should reject anyone and  anything that is bad for peaceful people, and anything that helps terrorism/ists, no matter what their nationality or religion.



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