America Invaded by Hordes of Chinese…. Shoppers??

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Not all Chinese are starving toiling peasants who need safety nets so they don’t jump out of windows at factories where they make iPods for Americans. Some of them have money. Lots of money. Like tour of LA, Vegas, Big Apple and blow $10,000 on rich person stuff BEFORE joining other Chinese storming the gates at the suburban outlets.
Heck, 100 years ago, Americans were chasing Chinese out of their cities. Now they are sending governors to China to set up factories, send students and shoppers to their states. Nearly a million Chinese tourists a year are pumping up the economy by as much a $5 billion dollars a year, and even sending their kids to visit US colleges and stores for vacation.  Mao would be turning over in his grave, but shoppers may be the only thing from keeping the peace between the PLA and the Pentagon. They wouldn’t dare blow up Fifth Avenue or the outlet mall.
From China Daily: Black Friday, luxury shopping are major atraction for Chinese tourists to the united states. read on  my blog for the rest:

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