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  • US Senator Dianne Feinstein (right) swears in Mayor Edwin Lee (left) on January 8 with SF First Lady Anita Lee (middle) holding Bible. Chief of Protocol officer Charlotte Shultz and daughters Brianna  and Tania Lee stand in the rear.

    The Civil Mayor

    During last weekend’s inauguration fetes, San Francisco’s self-deprecating Mayor Ed Lee frequently described himself as “boring” while “being determined to bring a new level of civility”…“I don’t mind being called boring,” he admitted while calling a monthly mandated “question time” mayoral appearance at the Board of […]

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  • Kulinarya poster

    Filipino Culinary Showdown

    Kulinarya is a favorite Filipino term for “culinary” or “cuisine” that had its auspicious beginnings as a cultural tourism program of the Philippine Department of Tourism a few years ago. It is definitely sweeter for Kulinarya’s second time around as a cooking competition, food showcase, and […]

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  • wushu

    Beijing Wushu Team Performs in the Bay Area

    The world renowned Beijing Wushu Team is touring the San Francisco Bay Area this month. Considered one of the best wushu (moderinzed Chinese martial arts) teams in the world, the team’s history is legendary. It has consistently dominated national and world championship events. From 1975 to […]

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  • China's 300 Workers

    China’s 300: Tonight We Assemble XBOX’s in Hell!!

      Wired did a prominent article about the Taiwan-owned Foxconn plant that builds IPhones that had to install anti-suicide nets and put in no-suicide clauses in worker contracts to keep the suicide rate down from the 14 who killed themselves in 2010. Turns out that’s […]

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