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January 20, 2012




Asian American Congress members ask military to prevent hazing

It was just October when 19-year-old private, Danny Chen shot and killed himself after being taunted and bullied almost everyday because of his Chinese heritage.

13 House members of Congressional Asian Pacific American Caucus are taking a stand and recently called on lawmakers on the House Armed Services Committee to hold formal hearings to create ways for the military to end hazing.

Representative Judy Chu, a Democrat from California expressed her views on the issue. “”The hazing of our nation’s defenders is inexcusable,” said Chu. “These brave men and women volunteer to be placed in harm’s way to protect our country. They deserve better than to face discrimination or malicious treatment from their fellow soldiers in return.”

According to Danny Chen’s family, while stationed in Kandahar, Afghanistan he was pressured to do excessive sit-ups and push-ups, wear a construction hat and was told to give instructions in Chinese even though none of the other soldiers understood the language.

This is not the only incident in which a military personnel was hazed because of his heritage. Last year Lance Corporal Harry Lew committed suicide after Marines dumped sand in his mouth, kicked him and punched him.

For more information, visit: http://www.google.com/hostednews/afp/article/ALeqM5ilrHnltEBFrpER0LgC6KR65JBXTg?docId=CNG.4100c76d04bbec9094cd4dc90805a56d.861




CBS’ 2 Broke Girls casting call for a hot Asian geek

Calling all male Asian actors, CBS’ new comedy 2 Broke Girls is look for an addition—an Asian tech geek.

But another requirement producers have their eye on, someone who is good looking.  The actor will guest star in an upcoming episode as the web designer for the girls’ cupcake site.

This new role is stirring some discussion as to whether or not this is to make up for the Asian character Han, whose character received backlash as the geeky diner owner who spoke in “broken English.”

Blogger Angry Asian Man was not impressed by the idea. “Does one studly Asian dude’s guest starring role really make up for Han, the second coming of Long Duk Dong? Um, no.”

For more information, visit: http://blogs.laweekly.com/informer/2012/01/2_broke_girls_asian_casting.php

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