This Asian Dad Cheers Gingrich Domination of South Carolina

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(btw, happy Chinese/Lunar New Year, in the old days we celebrated by noting “gee it was Chinese New Years last week?” Shame candidates missed their chance to pander to/woo Asian voters)

Gingrich just dominated the South Carolina primary.  You can now officially count me in as possibly America’s  first Chinese American pundit to endorse Newt Gingrich.

Romney is a good guy, but my old favorite conservative Thomas Sowell said he’s the bland leading the bland, and I don’t like  this “I’m not from Washington” angle. Massachusetts Republican sounds like an oxymoron.  Santorum seems to be Gingrich viewpoints without so much baggage, but he sounded whiny even when he got into a decent attack run.

Newt is an odd bird, which might be expected of an uber-geek. He’s  made mistakes but he’s not afraid to admit it.  He is he one with fire in his belly and trounced everybody else in the debates. The NY Times is absolutely furious  he handed Juan Williams and John King their behinds on a platter. If Gingrich does something dumb, we can kick him in the shins, but the most important thing is chutzpah, not positions, especially going after a guy like Obama is was 100% cool and 0% positions.

I think Obama is toast once people realize Obama did not deliver on his promise to save the world, which is why people elected him. I think Asians can identify with the concept of working hard to own their job as I’ve seen Asians with no education at all buy multiple houses and businesses compared to the “rich dad-poor dad” comparision of a 2 computer science degree family with one house and no business.

CNN results

Gingrich 242,417 40%
Romney 167,419 28%

Santorum 101,914 17%

cnn exit poll:

CHARLESTON, S.C. — For Mitt Romney, the South Carolina primary was not just a defeat, though it was most emphatically that. It was where his campaign confronted the prospect it had most hoped to avoid: dominant, surging and energized rival

New York Times: Mitt Romney, who until earlier last week was considered the front-runner in South Carolina, did best among moderates, the very affluent and those who oppose the Tea Party.

Newt Gingrich has beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina. The question now becomes whether he can pull off that trick enough times in enough states to deny Romney the Republican presidential nomination. It was a big win for Gingrich, the former House …NPR News
Echoing a worn adage, Mitt Romney said on Saturday night after conceding defeat to Newt Gingrich in the South Carolina primary that a longer, more competitive battle
South Carolina’s Divisive Message NY Times sour grapes: “Two-thirds of voters interviewed in exit polls said they made their decision on the basis of the two South Carolina debates, where Mr. Gingrich exploited racial resentment and hatred of the news media to connect with furious voters.” [That’s low. Juan Williams tried to make Gringrich out to be a racist, and John King / media was the one who did the attacking, not the other way around]
(section on Ron Paul’s speech on the Civil War is no longer here as there are plenty of other people covering that story now, thanks for reading AsianWeek)


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