Is Jeremy Lin the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow?

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Interview after Interview, New York Knick’s Jeremy Lin attributed his recent success to Christianity—his faith—and to Jesus Christ, the savior of his faith.

Jeremy Lin is a devout Christian.  We get it.

But we might not get the ramifications of his recent success. For instance, who does Jeremy Lin resemble in sports given his recent success?

The answer is right in front of us. Jeremy Lin resembles Denver Bronco’s Quarterback, Tim Tebow.

These players have a lot in common. First, they both credit Christianity for their success in professional sports. Second, their teams undermined their value, choosing to not give them a chance until an injury arose.

The last commonality will be explained with a question. Who is responsible for framing Jeremy Lin’s public image if he continues his success?

The answer: ESPN. The network biasedly covers East Coast sports—especially, New York sports. They recently started coining Lin’s recent performances as “Lin-sanity.”

How is ESPN’s coverage of Jeremy Lin similar to Tim Tebow? Tebow was relentlessly covered by the media during his college years, and still receives the same overblown attention as an NFL player.

If you are wondering who is responsible for Tebow’s overblown coverage, that answer is also in front of us: ESPN. This network will cover Jeremy Lin like Tim Tebow, if Lin continues outperforming in New York.

To put it simply, Jeremy Lin could be the NBA’s version of Tim Tebow this season, because of ESPN and their common characteristics.

I just hope “Lin-sanity” does not become a word, like “Tebowing.”

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