Susan G. Komen Society Honors Dr. William Loui

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Dr. William Loui, center, honored for his lifetime achievements by the Susan Komen Race for a Cure, pictured with wife Sherree, right and a guest.

It was a small step going in the right direction, but it was a giant step that benefited mankind in his home community, family and paradise city and state of Honolulu, Hawaii.

Having lived the core value of service to others, a value of his Loui and mother Dr. Florence Chinn family values, William S. Loui graduated with honors from the East Coast Ivy League college, Brown University, over 20 years ago.

But rather than continuing to work or study on the mainland, William Loui chose to go back to Hawaii and studied at the John Burns Medical School. In his recognition speech, Dr. Loui acknowledged, to great applause, his mother, Dr. Florence Chinn, for educating five children through college as a single parent, and his mother-in-law for her positive support and for his loving wife, who stood by him during the early years in Minnesota.

On March 9, 2012, Dr. William S. Loui was honored for his lifetime achievements by the national and global charitable foundation, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, Inaugural Pink Tie Ball. Nearly $100,000 was raised that evening, with up to 75% of the proceeds staying in Hawaii to fund community breast cancer programs in the state and the remaining 25% will fund breast cancer research.

What a gala and inspiring affair. It was attended by over 350 patrons at the Grand Ballroom of the magnificent Royal Hawaiian Hotel in Waikiki. An elegant dinner, dance and exquisite items were auctioned and won by generous donors.

Dr. William Loui is currently Chief of Oncology at the Queen’s Medical Center in Hawaii. Some of his work includes leadership in addressing healthcare disparities to ensure cancer care for women and minorities, sponsoring doctors from war-torn Bosnia and Serbia, establishing Student Education Against AIDS, free medical clinics, developing and producing Filipino language DVD’s about cancer in two dialects, volunteer faculty, Director of Cancer Institute, Bone Marrow transplants, and fund-raising for schools.

Congratulations to Dr. Loui!

In one of a number of outstanding programs presented by the Cal Alumni Association, Chinese Chapter, a free movie and discussion will be sponsored at the Alameda Library on Wednesday, April 25, 6 pm.

Titled “Autumn Gem”, the film is a documentary on the life of China’s first woman activist-revolutionist captured and executed by the Ching Dynasty in 1900.

The film was made by an alumna and shown only a few times earlier, by Sacramento’s Chinese Culture Club and other social service groups. “Autumn Gem” remains one of China’s great but forgotten martyrs who led up to the successful 1911 Dr. Sun Yat-Sen Revolution and overthrow of the Ching Dynasty and founding of the Republic of China.

Other upcoming UC Alumni programs will include a lecture on financial interest; Cal sports events, book on China’s government policies and the Big Game Dinner-Rally in the fall.

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