Indulge In Pan Asian Delights at Asian Heritage Street Celebration

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Indulge in Pan-Asian Delights

This year’s 8th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration boasts a scrumptious collection of pan Asian delights and sweets, along with the Bay Area’s most popular food trucks.  Food vendors will be located on Golden Gate St. accompanied by a seating area and Food Trucks will be on Turk Street.

Do What Asians Do Best – Eat!

Empire International
Food sampling and instant noodles.

Hawaii BBQ
Scrumptious barbecue chicken, pork kabobs and French bread.

Irma’s Pampanga Restaurant
Authentic Filipino food, including lumpia and various noodle dishes.

Irma's BBQ and lumpia

Johnny’s Cafe & Donuts
Cambodian barbecue (chicken & beef), chow mein, fried rice, eggrolls, sweet and sour pork, and vegetable beef and chicken.

Nombe Restaurant
Delightful Japanese tapas and beverages.

Saigon BBQ
Vietnamese food, including vermicelli, imperial spring rolls, chicken or pork kabobs, Vietnamese sandwiches, fresh sugarcane juice and Thai iced tea.

Thai BBQ
Thai barbecued honey chicken or pork kabobs, short ribs over rice, pad thai, stir-fried noodles, chicken curry, Thai iced tea and fresh lemonade.

Thai Iced Tea

Vietnamese Community Center of San Francisco
Sandwiches, egg and shrimp rolls, salad and fresh fruit.

Sabaidee Restaurant
Chow mein, fried rice and curry.

Keep on food truckin’. You’re not that full.

2011 fair goers in line for Chairman Bao

Adam’s Grub Truck
Mouth-watering Asian fusion sandwiches.

Yummy Asian fusion sandwiches, rice boxes and salads.

Authentic Japanese curry, including katsu and veggie croquette curry dishes.

KoJa Kitchen LLC
Fast Korean-Japanese fusion cuisine.

Sanguchon LLC
Hearty Peruvian sandwiches, homemade passion fruit drink and chicha morada (sweet drink made from purple corn).

Seoul on Wheels
Korean barbecued beef, pork, chicken and tofu.

Bulgogi and Spicy Pork tacos from Seoul on Wheels

The Chairman Truck
Savory Asian street food.

Always room for dessert, right? 

Charlie Frank’s Pies

Charlie Frank's Pies

Delectable pies, including sweet potato, peach, coconut rum and key lime.

Frozen Kuhsterd
Different flavors of rich, creamy frozen custard, toppings and cotton candy.

Kara’s Cupcakes
Artisan cupcakes that provide a sophisticated twist on an old-fashioned favorite.

Jade Chocolates
Flavored chocolate bars, truffles and confections, made from a unique blend of teas and spices from Asia and the Pacific Islands.

Ramar Foods International
Flavorful Filipino Magnolia ice cream and milk bars.

Drinks to wash it all down with.

Bruce Cost Ginger Ale
Natural and fresh ginger ale, both refreshing and nutritious.

Jane’s Fresh Icy Boba
Cold tapioca drinks with flavors like mango and coconut.

Lem N Man, Inc./ Barrett’s Lemonade
Fresh squeezed lemonade, available in regular or diet, with or without fresh blended strawberry or blueberry.

Pure Puer Tea
Healthy and delicious natural tea.

World Team USA
Refreshing coconut water. 

Snacks, the post-dessert meal.

Delicious Kettle Corn
Yummy kettle corn and fresh squeezed lemonade.

Ear-Good Corn Roaster
Tasty roasted corn, baked potatoes, fresh lemonade and iced tea.

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