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  • Borax II Meltdown Explosion

    Borax II: 1954 American Mini-Chernobyl Meltdown And Explosion

    [Fukushima Nuclear Crisis|Simplyinfo] Here’s a nuclear meltdown I’ll bet you never heard of. Atomic Arnie mentioned on Infowars the Borax experiments which was a DELIBERATE nuclear meltdown and prompt-critical explosion. Yes that’s what is was. Man they did some crazy stuff in the 50s, like […]

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  • Fukushima Unit 1 Damage

    Fukushima One Year: Apocalypse Not – Nuclear No

    [Fukushima Nuclear Crisis|Simplyinfo] The mainstream media continues to ignore the heroic efforts in Japan to control the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear accident site which remains a huge mess. Some of this smells like the usual “no White Americans Were Harmed So We Don’t Have to Report […]

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