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  • Harold and Kumar

    Asian English Teachers Need Not Apply in China

    Here’s another one for the Weird Stuff Asians Do File, as in Asians Who Don’t Hire Asians. I’ve not heard of the preference for Whites (and in a pinch, Black) as english teachers in Japan. The MSNBC says that ads in China blatantly ask for […]

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  • Phil Ting

    How Growing Numbers of API Voters Will Help Change Politics

    A new study just confirms what most of us in the API community already suspected, Asian and Pacific Islander voters are both highly motivated to vote and gaining greater significance in national American politics. With the Asian and Pacific Islander community one of the fastest […]

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  • Steven and Susan Powell

    Alina Powell Shows Home Video of Presumed Murdered Susan Powell

    [Demons and Saints: Murder of Susan Cox Powell Family] I’ve created a book-on-a-blog website on the Susan Powell case here at the link above. It has the most detailed biographies and timelines of events that I’ve seen, and the closest thing to a comprehensive reference […]

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