Asian English Teachers Need Not Apply in China

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Here’s another one for the Weird Stuff Asians Do File, as in Asians Who Don’t Hire Asians. I’ve not heard of the preference for Whites (and in a pinch, Black) as english teachers in Japan. The MSNBC says that ads in China blatantly ask for white teachers for their english classes, and closely matched white and Asian friends find that the Asian gets passed up every time, but the white guy gets the job immediately. Whites are also preferred as fake employees to help make a “good impression”.

Harold and Kumar Stereotype Asians as Messed Up Americans

Harold and Kumar

Of course, every good community activist knows that only whites are capable of racism, and that Africans and Asians are incapable of oppressing members of other, or even their own races. NOT. Just one more lesson that that they taught you in college about civil rights was actually wrong.

see In China English Teaching Is White Only Club


Editor’s note: The weird spelling has been corrected.

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