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  • ALC staff member draws blood to screen for Hep B

    Free Hep B and Hep C Testing at AHSC’s Healthy Living Pavilion

    The Healthy Living Pavilion at the 8th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration taking place at San Francisco’s Civic Center on May 19th, will provide free and low-cost health services, professional medical advice, interactive activities with prizes and health-related education materials.  Located on Larkin Street between […]

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  • Jeremy Lin

    Amok again: Have a “Lin-sane” Street Fair!

    What, another year? Another heritage month? Why not let your friendly longtime amok columnist slice and dice things up for you nicely? This year we replaced poor Asian American YouTube hater, Alexandra Wallace, the blonde buxom bully of Asian Americans in the library, with basketball […]

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  • 2012 AHSC Map

    SF Hosts Largest Asian Pacific American Heritage Month Celebration Saturday, May 19 at Civic Center

    SAN FRANCISCO – The City is hosting the largest pan Asian street fair nationwide to celebrate Asian Pacific American Heritage month on Saturday, May 19th at San Francisco’s Civic Center. The 8th Annual Asian Heritage Street Celebration, produced by the AsianWeek Foundation, will feature a […]

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  • Rob McKenna Opens WA Campaign Office In Seattle Chinatown/ID

    Rob McKenna Opens WA Campaign Office In Seattle Chinatown/ID

    I got this in my e-mail box. I first ran into Rob McKenna when he ran for Attorney General back in 2000 on the campaign trail for Supt of Public Instruction. Now he’s a favorite to be the next governor against Jay Inslee. While Rob […]

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  • Vietnamese Ao Dai

    Cultural Procession Highlights Faces of Asia

    Colorful Asian ethnic attire will be paraded through the Asian Heritage Street Celebration as part of the Faces of Asia cultural procession at 11 a.m. “The cultural procession is an opportunity for people from different ethnic groups to come together to wear their cultural attire […]

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