Cultural Procession Highlights Faces of Asia

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Colorful Asian ethnic attire will be paraded through the Asian Heritage Street Celebration as part of the Faces of Asia cultural procession at 11 a.m.

“The cultural procession is an opportunity for people from different ethnic groups to come together to wear their cultural attire and share it with the public,” said My Linh Nguyen, who is in charge of the procession.

In previous years, participants represented all types of Asian ethnic groups, including Burmese, Cambodian, Chinese, Filipino, Indonesian, Japanese, Korean, Laotian, Singaporean, Thai and Vietnamese.

Here’s a look at what kinds of attire you can expect to see:

Burmese Longyi

Burmese Longyi

The Burmese longyi, wrapped around the legs like a long skirt, is worn by men and women. Men’s longyis are usually darker with a simple pattern, while women’s tend to be more colorful and ornate.

Indonesian Kebaya

The kebaya is the Indonesian blouse that features elaborate indigenous patterns and is often worn with a sarong. For men, the sorjan is the traditional shirt, which is worn with either pants or a sarong.

Korean Hanbok

Korean Hanbok

The billowy hanbok is the traditional outfit of Korea, with both male and female versions. It is often tied at the chest with a long ribbon, called a goruem.

Vietnamese Ao Dai

Vietnamese Ao Dai

Traditionally worn by Vietnamese women, the ao dai is a light, flowing garment worn over pantaloons. The outfit has evolved over the centuries to become more form-fitting.

Here’s a list of all of this year’s participants

American Chinese Cultural and Art Association
Au Co Vietnamese Cultural Center
Bay Area Burmese Cultural Troupe
Burmese Youth Association
Cambodian Cultural Dance Troupe from Cambodian American Resource Agency
Cathay Post- Color Guard
Galileo JORTC
Il Hyun Kim’s Dance Company
Indonesia Consulate
Kachin National Organization (KNO) & Kachin American Association (KAA)
Lao Seri Association
LAO Traditional Instrumental Music and Cultural Dance of Richmond
Laotian American National Alliance, Inc.
Mac Can Do Tenderloin Youth Track Club
Mrs. Vietnam
Nguyen Dance Company
Pann Pyoe Myay
San Francisco Hep B Free
South East Asian Cultural Heritage & Musical Performing Arts
Southeast Asian Arts & Culture Coalition
Vietnamese Elderly Mutual Assistance Association of San Francisco
Vietnamese Veterans Association of San Francisco
Wat Buddhapradeep Temple

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