Book Party for Nellie Wong’s Banquet of Poems

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Radical Women celebrates the publication of Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner , the fourth book of poetry by Asian American feminist Nellie Wong, whose life fuses art and revolution. The Bay Area writer’s works have been presented in China, Cuba and throughout the U.S. The event will take place Thursday, June 28, 7:00pm at New Valencia Hall, 747 Polk Street (at Ellis), San Francisco. Dinner is served at 6:15pm for a $7.50 donation. The event is Wheelchair accessible.

Wong was born and raised in the Oakland Chinatown of the 1940’s and began writing poetry in the early 1970’s. Wong is one of the founding members of Unbound Feet, a writing collective of Chinese-American women who read together and lectured at universities throughout California, in the late 1970’s. Wong’s poems deal with themes involving Asian Americans, especially the sense of leaving “home” behind.

A trailblazing socialist feminist organization, Radical Women is the revolutionary wing of the women’s movement and a strong feminist voice within the Left. Immersed in the daily fight against racism, sexism, homophobia, and labor exploitation, Radical Women believes in multi-issue organizing around the needs of the most oppressed.

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