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Oakland, CA – In honor of this year’s Dragon Boat Festival, ItsyBitsyStories is announcing the availability of a free download during the entire month of June. The Dragon Boat Festival (June 23, 2012),  also known as DuanWu Festival  commemorates the patriotic poet QuYuan (340 BCE – 278 BCE),  marks the beginning of summer when families gather together.    This year is the year of the dragon, it will be double the dragons and double happiness to celebrate this happy occasion.

The ancient Chinese Zodiac comes to life in the ItsyBitsyStories:  “123 Calling, a Story of the Chinese Zodiac.”  This is the interactive learning stories series for children ages 2 and up for the iPad and iPhone. It can be enjoyed as a colorful, interactive, animated story book, or also as a learning tool for basic counting and calendar in Mandarin Chinese and English.

The story of the Chinese Zodiac is the fascinating tale of a Chinese Emperor who sponsors a race among the animals of his kingdom for a place in the Chinese Zodiac. Meet and interact with the lazy Cat, the cunning Rat, the excitable Horses, and the confused Rooster. Learn counting from the Clock, Moon and Sun, Or just sit back and enjoy the fascinating story of this proverbial race.. Simply touch and interact with your iPad and get the story moving.

About ItsyBitsyStories

ItsyBitsyStories, LLC, a privately held company founded in 2011 and headquartered in Oakland, California, is an emerging provider of entertaining, innovative, interactive, social media learning tools and stories for children, age 2 through 9.  ItsyBitsyStories was founded for the purpose of bringing the wisdom and mythic tales of the world’s ancient cultures to new generations of young people.  And, in the process, blending the long-standing traditions of story-telling with today’s portable digital devices.  For more information, please visit www.,, or contact Kalim Winata +1 (415) 407-8222.

Or Eileen Lao in Canada your phone number

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