AsianWeek Salutes Cultural Heritage

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Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation visits City of 10,000 Buddhas.

Some things never go out of style, just as some things are always a joy to behold!  At a recent benefit fashion show, the oldest Chinese American women’s service organization, the Square and Circle Club, scored a triple winner with a successful fundraiser, a delicious healthy luncheon at the Empress of China, and a grand sweep of traditional fashions that were auspicious in meaning and classic in design and workmanship.

Modeled by the ladies of the “Goodwill Bags” were vintage fashions of fine, hand-made lace dresses, as well as courtly Ching Dynasty Chinese clothing shown by Square and Circle members, whose granddaughters and other young attendees may never have seen before.

In keeping with celebrating their 88th year, the good ladies of the Square and Circle Club took their time and efforts to explain the precise meaning of symbolic designs on the jackets, the decorated fish cups and symbolic meaning of the bamboo party favors.

Going further, the Sacramento Chinese Culture Club, with Wells Fargo Bank, launched its first Scholarship Awards Program for students who excel in Chinese language and culture.  At the stunning lobby of the Wells Fargo Bank in downtown Sacramento, 30 young people ages 5-18 from 13 participating schools, with their families and teachers, were honored for their excellence in knowledge of the Chinese language and culture.

A Diversity Award was presented to Chevo Ramirez and a Community Partnership Award was presented to Rick Cwnyar, representing Wells Fargo.

The awards ceremony and program was headed by Helen Yee and Vicki Beaton.

Off on a sunny jaunt to Sonoma and Mendocino County were members and friends of the Sacramento Chinese Culture Club, led by able leader, Eileen Leung, who took a busload to the Quarryhill Botanical Garden and to the City 10,000 Buddhas.

Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation at Quarryhill Botanical Garden. Photo courtesy of Sacramento Chinese Culture Foundation.

Started by San Francisco philanthropist Jane Davenport Jansen, the botanical garden is a preserve for endangered trees and plants from Asian, mainly from China, Mongolia, and Tibet.  Its purpose is similar to the conservation efforts of protecting animals and special species from extinction.  The seeds from special Asian trees or ancient plants are preserved for the living to enjoy.  Quarryhill was filled with tall, graceful Chinese trees and beautiful floral ground coverings.  An interesting fact is that the rose was a Chinese flower.

In Oakland, the Chinese American Citizens Alliance celebrated 100 years with a large banquet celebration held at the Peony Restaurant, June 9.  I fondly recall chairing 11 scholarship committees, 1996-2006 while heading the difficult but rewarding task of funding and selecting the most talented and deserving students in the East Bay.  What an opportunity to meet the best!

Congratulations to all the participating individuals and many organizations who make the entire Asian American Community a vibrant and enduring heritage!

Mark the Charity Golf Tournament for the Oakland Asian Health Services on your calendar, July 16.  Enjoy the fun at the TPC Stonebrae Golf Club.  To register for the tournament or for more information, visit

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