HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Chinese American Heroes

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AsianWeek wishes a Happy Birthday to Chinese American Heroes (CAH), a 501(C) 3 non-profit educational charity that has partnered with AsianWeek for several years.  Six years ago on July 31, 2006 this organization began its odyssey began to document Americans of Chinese decent who have made major contributions to our Country and the world.  AsianWeek is proud to partner with CAH to seek out and publish the many stories of heroes and historical events that have significantly impacted the course of our country‘s history, even though they were unnoticed or ignored by the mainstream media.  These were outstanding people and events that award winning journalist and scholar Helen Zia noted that are “missing in history.”

The CAH website at www.chineseamericanheroes.org was recently upgraded, reorganized, and reformatted to be much more useful and informative.  In addition to many biographies, historical reports concerning Asian Americans and Chinese Americans are now available in the “History” section (tab).

ChineseAmericanHeroes.org homepage

If you are visiting for the first time (or haven’t visited recently), be sure to click on the “1st Visit” section on the home page which will explain and guide you through the information and various sections in the website.

Click on the “Profiles” tab and you will get a listing of all the Heroes currently available in this section.   This wasn’t previously available on this website.  You can now take advantage of this advancement and select, and then read about the many unknown and unsung heroes.

A “Hot Stuff” tab provides articles of importance.  Check this section out to read the latest information on Jeremy Lin, Mrs. Mark Zuckerberg, and other current or highly significant people and reports.

The “Articles” tab will give you direct access to many unique articles of interest including a dissertation on Philanthropy with Chinese characteristics, one of the greatest and bravest American military heroes who was born in San Francisco’s Chinese Hospital, and Betty Ann Ong, who was one of four Chinese American heroes of 9/11.  If you’re hungry, there is also an article on Chinese American food.

The new “Newswire” section lists some of the most interesting recent media reports about Chinese Americans including any stories concerning any of the heroes in the website.

For those who are in a rush and want to make sure they don’t miss some of the most interesting and significant reports check out the “Do U Know” section on the home page.   Here you will find out who “raised $100,000,000 for breast cancer research.  Bet you didn’t know who this person is.  Hint: It’s a Chinese American woman.

Do you know civilian pilot who rescued Lt. Colonel Doolittle during WW II lives in the San Francisco Bay Area?  His name is Moon Chin and he accomplished many heroic tasks in his life as a pilot, not just during World War II.

There is a new “Latest” tab which will display the newest biographies, news articles on their heroes, and other recent articles added to the website.

If you are curious about how heroes are selected for recognition in this website, be sure to click on the “Selection” tab.

And, if you want to contact CAH and make any suggestions, click on “Contact Us” and leave them your note.

AsianWeek appreciates the great effort that the staff of Chinese American Heroes have accomplished in their research and information reported on their website. We wish them all the best in their continuing efforts and are pleased to be a partner in their noble and necessary mission.

To visit the CAH website, click here: www.chineseamericanheroes.org

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