U.S. Filipinos Organize Nationwide to Help Flood Victims

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NAFCON re-activates Bayanihan Relief Project that has raised nearly $100,000 for victims of previous calamities Ondoy and Sendong


Over the last week extremely-heavy rainfall battered Manila and the northern Philippines wreaking havoc on the Philippine capital and surrounding areas much like Typhoon Ondoy in 2009. The death toll from the flooding has already risen to 51. More than 1.2 million people are affected, including 850,000 who have been displaced from their homes. Although the current rains are expected to recede, many more storms and typhoons are still expected to worsen the situation.

The National Alliance for Filipino Concerns (NAFCON), with member organizations throughout the U.S. calls on our families and friends to once again lend our love, prayers and monetary support to flood-affected communities by activating its Bayanihan Relief for Flood Victims in the Philippines.

NAFCON is collecting exclusively monetary relief (not material goods) and ensures that your donations go quickly and directly to the communities of the Philippines who are adversely affected by the typhoon identified as Saola. Donations will be coursed through Migrante International, our partner organization on the ground with a long and respected reputation of serving Filipino communities.

“Our kababayan back home can count on overseas Filipinos in the U.S. In response to Ondoy and Sendong, NAFCON along with other supporters has raised nearly $100,000 and we will continue to support our families and friends in need.” said Terry Valen, NAFCON President.

NAFCON has established cash and check collections centers throughout the U.S and will take donations via Paypal at http://tinyurl.com/nafconrelief3 or on our website at www.nafconsua.org.

For mailed checks please make payable to “Tulong Sa Bayan” and send to 519 S. Spring St., Los Angeles, CA 90013. On memo please write: NAFCON Bayanihan Relief and your city of residence. Donations of $250 or more will be tax deductible.  Please include return address with donations.

For more information on fundraising and relief activities in your area please contact NAFCON regional coordinators nearest you or go to our website.

Northeast: Anne Corotan, ne@nafconusa.org or (516) 901 – 1832

Midwest: Lorena Buni, mw@nafconusa.org or (224) 678 – 3415

Norcal: Ryan Leano,  nc@nafconusa.org or(626) 534 – 4971

Socal: Alex Montances, sc@nafconusa.org or (253) 381 – 7444

Local Monetary Drop/Send Sites (Please make all checks payable to “Tulong Sa Bayan”)

Northeast:      Philippine Forum:                                            40-21 69th St. Woodside, NY
Midwest:          Good Shepherd Congregation:          4707 W. Pratt Ave Lincolnwood, Il 60712
Norcal:              Filipino Community Center:               4681 Mission St. San Francisco, Ca 94112
Socal:                 Tulong Sa Bayan                                 519 S. Spring St., LA, CA 90013

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