CEBEX Group and Microsoft BizSpark to co-host the very first China Day- Bridging U.S. and Chinese Tech Companies

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Silicon Valley’s Mountain View, CA —CEBEX Group, the Beijing-based organizer of business conferences and training programs across China, together with Microsoft® BizSpark®, Microsoft’s global software program providing development tools, visibility, and network connections to international software start-ups, will host the very first China Dayan exciting forum event focused around American and Chinese technology companies attaining new networks and discovering the latest innovations in the business of technology.  

Being held on October 3rd in Silicon Valley’s Mountain View, California, this one day event will bring together world-class speakers, accomplished entrepreneurs, industry experts, tech icons, and VC investor firms from both geographic communities to discover the latest technology from China and explore cross-border investment opportunities. 

   The Events scheduled program consists of presentations and round table discussions by successful business leaders and influential industry experts.  The content will discuss multiple topics relevant to current affairs in technology, along with intermitted networking break-out sessions with over 200 of the Tech industry’s key players.  Concluded by a VIP Cocktail Reception featuring only the best selections from the Valley’s vineyards, attendees and speakers will interact and co-mingle for a chance to explore possible investment and merger potentials, and at the very least, establish mentor and partnership affiliates.

   “Microsoft is committed to fostering an entrepreneurial environment by driving technological innovations. It’s inspiring to see the thriving startup community, and we are dedicated to providing these entrepreneurs with a holistic approach to their initiatives”, said Rajinish Menon, Director of ISV & Cloud Strategy for Microsoft BizSpark’s.  “Being an entrepreneur in Beijing myself, I can say first hand that China has come a long way in its journey as a leading market place, particularly in the technology field,” says Mr. Eric L. Schmidt, Founder and President of China Entrepreneurs.

Leading the world by the sheer number of Chinese technology consumers alone, China’s economy clearly has the surplus to cultivate innovation and they are looking to the world’s model for technology innovation, Silicon Valley, for the support to become technology leader s themselves.  

Marguerite Gong Hancock, associate director of the Stanford Program on Regions of Innovation and Entrepreneurship told San Jose Mercury News, “It’s a thorough, aggressive and strategic strategy to have China move from manufacturing to the lab.  There is a very dense network of venture capital and entrepreneurship in Beijing that has evolved over the last 10 years that is very similar to what happened in Silicon Valley.” 

China Entrepreneurs has designed this conference to help to address many uncertainties commonly faced when wanting to invest in the Chinese marketplace.  What is the impact of foreign companies doing business in China, especially in technology-related fields? How should companies adapt their IP strategies to such an unpredictable environment? China-focused entrepreneurs and investment professionals will have a chance to share perspectives and the latest information concerning topics such as legal considerations in the Chinese market place, regulations and review processes dealing with the Ministry of Commerce, latest IP protection laws, and cross boarder M&A opportunities.  Additional topics will also discuss case studies from prestigious successful companies, such as in the presentation on Tencent’s recipe for success, and the challenges for Chinese startups-addressing culture and funding gaps. 

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