This Weekend: San Francisco Film Society Kicks Off 2nd Annual Hong Kong Cinema Festival

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Love Me Not.

The San Francisco Film Society in association with the Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office, San Francisco presents the second annual Hong Kong Cinema Festival this weekend, September 21-23 at the New People Cinema located at 1746 Post Street. The three-day festival showcases a strong line-up of six new films where followers of last year’s “Love in the Puff” will enjoy this year’s “Love in the Buff” which reunites the light switch relationship of Cherie (Miriam Leung) and Jimmy (Shawn Yue) in this whimsical hipster sequel setting an upbeat cadence to kick-off the festival. “Love in the Buff” takes the two protagonists from Hong Kong to Beijing for a taste of the mainland dolce vita.

As part of a retrospective commemorating the 15th Anniversary of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region, an ode to mid-90’s favorites will treat Maggie Cheung fans to “Comrades, Almost A Love Story” (1996), a throwback to her earlier days where she portrays Qiao, the endearing, yet sharp-tongued and determined dreamer who survives a multitude of “shit happens” moments while finding love in all the wrong—and right—places with Jun, played by Cantopop singer, Leon Lai. “Comrades” begins its timeline in 1986 and ends nearly a decade later. It follows the lives of two recent immigrants, Qiao and Jun, offering an interesting perspective about the wave of immigrants from mainland China to Hong Kong who seek their fortunes in the 1980’s.

Other highlights feature “Love Me Not” (2012), a portrait of Hong Kong’s young sexual revolution where Dennis and Aggie, a gay and lesbian couple, become entrenched in a complicated relationship that straddles sexuality and friendship while “Nightfall” changes the mood immediately with this grisly ultra-violent thriller that takes audiences through a dangerous labyrinthine rabbit hole.For additional film listings and ticket information visit

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