20th Annual Korean Day Cultural Festival Set for Oct. 20 in SF

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Korean Day Cultural Festival is the largest cultural celebration in San Francisco Bay  area that attracts more than fifteen thousand celebrants annually. This cultural  celebration has been beloved in over twenty years among many Korean-Americans,  and this festival is now becoming one of the most exciting ethnic festivals in West Coast.


This year’s event will feature K-Pop, a synonym for worldwide cultural sensation  representing Korean popular music accompanied by unique dance choreography.


One of the highlights of the event this year is a colorful Royal March that will show  thousand year-old Korean Dynasty’s costume parade. Over 100 participants will  participate and boast the beauty of Royal Dress of Yi dynasty in Korean peninsula.


For this once-in-a-life-time opportunity to try out Korean Royal Costume, you must  hurry-back to the organizer of this event.


Other programs will surely entertain you: Taekwondo (well-known martial art), FanDance, Korean traditional Acrobat, Food try-out, Mountain-berry wine tasting, RiceCake Kneading contest, and so on. You don’t have to buy a travel package to visit  Korea to experience all of these. Simply come to Union square on Saturday, October, 20.


Don’t forget lucky-draw and many give-it away events. Chances are that you could  win a bottle of rice wine or miniature bell made by thousand year old technology!


Be sure to stop by the Hep B Free booth at the festival to learn more about hepatitis B.


For more info contact: kasfbay@gmail.com, Attn: James Choi

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