Japanese Tea Ceremony Conference at SFSU on Nov. 10

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The Dilena Takeyama Center and San Francisco State University is hosting Ocha Zanmai: San Francisco International Conference on Chanoyu and Tea Cultures, an interdisciplinary conference on the study of chanoyu,  the Japanese tea ceremony. Scholars, researchers, tea masters, museum curators, professionals, students, artists and members of the public are invited to the attend conference on Saturday, Nov. 10 at San Francisco State University. This is the first conference of its kind on the West Coast.

Two renowned specialists have been invited to give keynote lectures: Dr. Asao Kōzu, widely known for his expertise in the history of tea, and Dr. Tamaki Yano, who has gained universal recognition for his research on Kundaikansouchōki, a text dating from the Muromachi period. Speaking in Japanese, Dr. Kōzu will present a new perspective on the wabi-cha of Sen no Rikyū, while Dr. Yano will deliver his lecture on the records of famous tea objects in English.

Additional presentations by researchers from Japan and the U.S. will treat topics such as calligraphy scrolls, flower arrangement, bamboo baskets, and various aspects of tea ritual.

The entire program from morning to evening will be open to the general public.


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