SF Celebrates Giants World Series Victory

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Baseball fans from near and far gathered at San Francisco’s Civic Center this past Sunday, October 28 to take part in potential history in the making. Several thousand fans packed City Hall Plaza’s viewing area to witness an event that would take place once in a blue moon, but in this case a foggy evening. That event would be for the San Francisco Giants to have the opportunity to play in the World Series.

A child tries to rally the SF Giants to victory. Photos by Michael Jeong.

City Hall Plaza overflowing with SF Giants fans.

Family, friends, and baseball fanatics of all ethnicities congregated on the grass and concrete to watch the SF Giants take on the Detroit Tigers from a live telecast of the home team that was playing away. Game 4 of the 2012 Fall Classic World Series was displayed on many LCD screens to form one huge LCD screen with City Hall in the background.

The World Series watched by thousands into the night at City Hall Plaza.

The San Francisco Giants hosted Games 1 and 2 at AT&T Park and won both of their home games and flew to Detroit to play Game 3 and 4, and if necessary Game 5. However, four games is all it took for the Giants to win the best out of 7 series. The game had many ups and downs, but fans nevertheless did not give up and kept chanting for the home team to win. Taking 10 innings, the Giants prevailed on top of the Tigers with the final score of 4-3.

Fans in an uproar as the SF Giants win the 2012 World Series.


Sander Soriano and Cindy Rivera were excited for the Giants to bring home another World Series title.

This year, the San Francisco Giants had probably one of the best post-season performances ever. Starting first off from the National League Division Series (NLDS), where the Giants fell behind 0-2 of a best of 5 series to later win 3 straight, then with the National League Champion Series (NLCS) where the Giants came back winning 3 straight from a 1-3 deficit of a best of 7 series, and then an unbelievable 4-game sweep in the World Series. This World Series title is the city’s second title within three years.

Marlon Layug displays his broom and flag before he continues waving it around to fans and traffic on Van Ness Avenue.

Following the game people stuck around to cheer and rave about San Francisco bring home another title to this wonderful city. In spite of the early celebrations, many people took to the streets in a chaotic manner burning items, throwing alcoholic bottles, and destroying public property. Acts deeming unnecessarily seemingly brought about a surreal situation where law enforcement had to step in with riot gear and fire fighters having to put out the flames of many bonfires. Several chaotic celebrations formed at the Civic Center, the Mission District, the Marina District, and outside of AT&T Park, just to name a few.

Illegal fireworks outside of Willie Mays Plaza at AT&T Park.

Just one of many bonfires throughout the city at AT&T Park


Police in formation with riot gear in the Mission District.

The Victory Parade is scheduled to run down Market Street on Halloween, Wednesday at 11am.

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