Romney is the Future

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This election is about WHO WE ARE, WHERE WE ARE AND WHERE WE ARE GOING.  As Filipino Americans, we came here in pursuit of the “American Dream”.  Our beautiful culture and tradition, our home-grown values of hard work, and our God-loving beliefs and values are what makes who we are.

As US citizens, we pledged allegiance to the flag and the republic for which it stands.  Our “American dream” was realized through the hard work and sacrifice of its founding fathers.  Now, America beckons us to stand by it.  The founding fathers installed safeguards to protect the country against winds of change that could undermine and destroy the very foundation on which our values as a people stands on.  These safeguards are in our hands, our votes.

Mitt Romney and President Barack Obama.

Our votes will determine where we are going as a country, as a people.  Politicians will come and go, but we, our children, our families will be here to suffer consequence of the mess they will leave behind.  Politicians could be deceiving, their ad campaigns are meant to target emotions.  Bear in mind, our own values and purpose.  We should not let politicians redefine who we are and where we are going.  Remember the character, Julia Roberts portrayed in “The Runaway Bride”, adapting her personality to suit her boyfriends, almost losing her true self in the process.

The first influx of Filipino Americans started since the 16th century, being the second largest in the Asian American immigrants behind Chinese Americans and more than Japanese Americans who both came in the 1800s.  Taking charge of our future through active participation in the US political process should be the goal of our community.  Fil-Americans have not reached political maturity as shown by our lack of representation in Congress and the Senate, unlike our two Asian counterparts.  We could become a formidable force in this and in any election if we get organized, and stand behind candidates who will represent and preserve our identity, for future generations of Filipino Americans to come.  This election will change the face of this country if we allow the Democrats to succeed and take us to the direction most countries in Europe took.  The rioting in Greece should be a warning to us!

Success cannot be attained without sacrifice.  Self-vested interests should be considered secondary to more pressing economic issues in this election.  In bad economy, the gap between the rich and poor widens even more.  Wrongful decisions made by government cause bad economy.  Focus in this election should be on issues affecting our livelihood, our very existence, and the common good.  It is about real issues, gas prices, $16 trillion debt, real people who are losing jobs, homes, healthcare and retirement benefits.

How can we count on President Obama to help in the conflict in our Asian waters with China, Japan and Vietnam, when he wasn’t even able to defend our small embassy in Benghazi?!

Romney exemplifies our ideals and values.  His record shows fiscal responsibility and accountability, has the experience and strength of character to steer this country back on the right direction.  We should vote and hire him as our next President.
J. Nimfa Yamsuan Gamez came to US in pursuit of the great “American Dream” with no job nor driving experience, a single mom with 8 children, started as a caregiver turned her life around to become an employer. 

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