Author Book Talk: Ying Lee with Judith Scherr

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Just published, Ying Lee’s oral history, Ying Lee, From Shanghai to Berkeley, The story of an extraordinary woman facing war, waging peace, fighting disillusionment and inspiring action, is now available to the public. Both Lee and the books editor Judith Scherr will be at a book talk on Sunday, Nov. 18 at Eastwind Books of Berkeley at 3 p.m.

Ying Lee

Lee, also known as Ying Lee Kelley, lived under war or the threat of war for most her years growing up in China and Hong Kong. She came to San Francisco as a teenager and spent her young adult life in the throes of a changing world that would catapult her into the anti-war movement around the same time that she became a wife, mother and teacher. Lee’s struggle for peace and justice led her into politics, where she would become Berkeley’s first – and only! – Asian city council member.

Her belief in a better world would lead her to work for Congress members Ronald V. Dellums and Barbara Lee. Now a grandmother, Lee continues her fight for justice and against war.

WHAT: Author Book Talk: Ying Lee with Judith Scherr

WHEN: Sunday, November 18, 2012 at 3:00pm

WHERE: Where: Eastwind Books of Berkeley

2066 University Avenue; Berkeley, CA 94704

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