Laotian Pride: Queering Laos from Bottom Up

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Anan Bouapha is a renown drag queer in Laos. Anan has worked on HIV and STI prevention and sexual education in Laos against culturalsocio and political obstacles. Additionally, he is also the first LGBT activist in Laos to organize the first  LGBT pride with the support from U.S. State Deparment. At the current time, he is coordinating with partner international organizations in Laos to establish the LGBT pride committee to ensure that the pride will be an ongoing event at the national level.

He will be participating in a free public lecture on Tuesday, November 6 at San Francisco State University from 1-2 p.m. at the Ethnic Studies and Psychology building, EP 116.

The event is Co-organized by Dr. Jonathan H. X. Lee and South East Asian Cultural Heritage & Musical Performing Arts (SEACHAMPA). For more information contact:

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