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Dr. Chris Morris, Naturopath & Tina Johnson, Advanced Health Practitioner will be in SAN FRANCISCO Saturday, Nov. 10 to share with the public how Laminine, a whole food product, unleashes a powerful repair mechanism inside all of us.

Free admission to Invited Guests and IBOs
Registration begins at 6:30 pm. Sign-in required in 450 Sutter Lobby
Saturday, November 10th
PRESENTATION 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm


450 Sutter Street, The Mayan Room – Suite 310
San Francisco, CA. 94108
One block off Union Square – Close to all public transportation
Parking- In the building or Sutter-Stockton Garage ½ block

Benefits people are experiencing on Laminine:

Reduced signs of aging
Increased physical, mental & emotional srength
Overall Sense of Wellbeing. More restful sleep
Improved stress management
Increased stamina and energy
Quicker recovery after work out and increased muscle tone
Cartilage repair
Improved brain function and activity including focus
Cardiovascular and Libido enchancement
Sponsor: Dr. Jacalyn Buettner. Hosts: Dr. Effie Chow and Gloria Untermann
Contacts: Dr. Effie Chow 415-730-0866 eastwestqi@aol.com or
Gloria Untermann: 415-203-1058 magnoliaone@sbcglobal.net

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