Asians Voted Liberal, Only Whites, Men, Protestants, Israelis Favored Romney

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The UK’s Daily Mail  had the first good exit poll where I could map out how  the races lined up for and against Obama.  I computed the Obama/Romney vote ratio, and then compared ratios for each group by dividing by the White group. So 2.0 would be twice as likely to vote for Obama, and 0.5 would be half.

Sorted by the Obama ratio:

                   pop         demo repub     ratio     vs white
         black       13      93   6      15.5    23.4
         Muslim              72  11       6.5     9.9
         asian        3      73  26       2.8     4.2
         hispanic    10      71  27       2.6     4.0
         no religion         70  26                   (cnn)
         jewish              69  30                   (jta)
         18-29       19      60  37       1.6     2.5
         other        2      58  38       1.5     2.3
         women       53      55  44       1.3     1.9
         30-44       27      52  45       1.2     1.7
         non-coll    53      51  47       1.1     1.6
         college     47      50  48       1.0     1.6
         catholic            50  48                   (cnn)
         45-64       38      47  51       0.9     1.4
         men         47      45  52       0.9     1.3
         65+         16      44  56       0.8     1.2
         white       72      39  59       0.7     1.0
         protestant          42  57                   (cnn)
         Israel              22        57       0.4     0.6

It wasn’t that long that I used to write that Asians were pretty reliably Republican, and I noted a while back that Asian were only slightly more Democratic than whites. Well this and a few last exit polls show that Asians are now 4 times more likely  than whites to favor Democrats, the same as for Hispanics who have always favored Democrats except for the Cubans.

Muslims prefer Obama by 10 to 1, which seems to show they consider Barack to be one of their own even if he’s been reluctant to run as a friend of Muslims. The most supportive group are the Blacks, which if you compare to the white ratio of just 70%, come out as 23 times more likely to favor Obama.

Only the Israelis favored Romney by more than white Americans, which indicates that Israelis are certainly not convinced of Obama’s claims that he is as true and loyal friend of Israel as he is of the Palestineans.

The most liberal religions after Muslims were Jewish and non-Religions. Catholics were about evenly split as I’ve noted they are pretty close to average American in anything, while Protestants who seem to weigh more the conservative than the liberal ones went for Romney. Even though they sometimes call the Mormons a weird cult religion, at least it’s closer to Christ than Karl Marx in Black Liberation Theology which was the basis for Obama’s former favorite Christian denomination which consistently sided with Palestine over Israel.

Voting Patterns 1992-1994

Now I’ve tracked down exit polls by race going back to 1992 to see where the shifts are. I have a different way a tracking. First I compute the Democrat/ Republican ratio for each group. Then I divide by the rate for whites, so we have an instant measure of which groups are more likely to favor democrats so that 1.0 would be same as whites, and 2.0 would be twice as much.

What the data shows is that whites have been shifting from an even 1.0 in 1992 to 2/3 favoring Republican this year.

Asians used to favor Republicans, but then were about the same, and flipped for Democrats starting with Gore in 2000, with the latest election 4 times more Democratic than the whites, about as liberal as the Hispanics. I was somehow under the impression that Asians were still pretty close to whites, but that hasn’t been the case since 1996.

Hispanics have always favored Democrats, but have grown from 2.5 to 4 times

Blacks historically were 10 times more democratic, but this increased to a factor of 24-30 with Obama

Table: Asian Democrat Ratio vs White
White shows D/R ratio

            1992 1996  2000 2004  2008 2012
white       1.0   0.9   0.8  0.7  0.8  .66
Minorities compare the D/R ratio to whites
black       8.5   7.5   15   8.3   30   24
asian     1/1.8   1.0  1.7   2.6  2.3  4.3
hispanic    2.5   3.7  2.3   1.6  2.8  4.0

Table: Each year 1992 to 2012
2012      Obam  Romney vs white
black     93     6     23.5
asian     73    26      4.3
hispanic  71    27      4.0
white     39    59      1.0

2008      Obama McCain  vs white
black     95    4    30.4
hisp      67    31    2.8
asian     62    35    2.3
white     43    55    1.0

2004      Kerry Bush  vs white
Black     86%   14%   8.3
Asian     64%   34%   2.6
Latino    54%   45%   1.6
White     42%   57%   1.0

2000      Gore   Bush vs white
Black     90      8  14.5
Hispanic  62     35   2.3
Asian     55     41   1.7
White     42     54   1.0
Asians favor democrats 55 to 42

1996     Clin    Dole   Perot   vs white
Black    84     12      4       7.5
Hispanic 72     21      6       3.7
Asian    43     48      8       1.0
White    43     46      9       1.0
Asians are only slightly more republican
than whites 48-46

1992     clint   Bush  Perot    vs white 
Black    83     10      7       8.5
Hispanic 61     25              2.5
White    39     40      20      1.0
Asian    31     55      15      1/1.8
Asians are more republican than whites 55-40

Minorities Increase In Electorate Population

The Pew Research Center released a report A Milestone En Route to a Majority Minority Nation

by Paul Taylor and D’Vera Cohn which predicts that non-white minorities will be a majority by 2050. They are currently 37% of population but 28% of the votes.

It is common wisdom that minorities don’t vote at the same rate as whites. The reality is that since the civil rights era, not only literacy rates for blacks approached that of whites, but the voting rate is about the same, with white voters only 14% above their population, and blacks 8% above. The TWO groups that vote at 0.5 or 1/2 are the Hispanics and Asians that are largely immigrant, so the major problem there are the large populations of immigrants who are not citizens eligible to vote:

Table: Relative voting rate
Race        voter   pop     ratio   vs white
White       72      63      1.14    1.00    
Black       13      12      1.08    0.95    
Hispanic    10      17      0.59    0.51    
Asian        3       5      0.60    0.53

This table shows how the population has changed since 1960 and where it is likely to be in 2050, as well as what the 18 yr old population is estimated to be.
Table: Population by race 1960, 2011, and 2050                                      
        1960    2011    2050   18 yr olds
white   85      63      47     56
hisp    3.5     17      29     21
black   11      12      13     15
asian   0.6     5       9       4
Now as one of the few Asian Republicans here, along with Michelle Malkin and Dinesh D’Sousa who have each done more than their fair share of telling people what kind of a guy Obama really is, it seems sadly that unless we nuture and develop more PRO-Americans of color, we are going to be in trouble as long as racial minorities are going to side against the Judeo-Christian “West” and free enterprise and see their salvation is in tearing down the economic and military dominance that made America great, and the salvation of the free world from WWI to WWII and the Cold War, and now the War Against Islamist Terror.

How To Grow More Asian Conservatives

I think a big part of the problem is that Cold War generation of anti-communist refugees from China, Korea and Vietnam sent their children to be indoctrinated in “elite” universities which hire radicals as faculty who see Obama as a “model” student that every kids should graduate thinking in a similar bent.  The result is  that just about every Asian organization lined up on the Obama bandwagon to get our share of Uncle Sam’s benefits instead of with Romney to try to put a lid on people who are trying to give away the store to get more votes. Romney knows it is the middle class, not the rich who are straining to pay the bills and deficit, and that when half the nation is receiving, and only half is paying the income taxes, that’s a problem that is not sustainable, no matter how off that sounded.  Romney was playing the square Mormon nice-guy boy scout and was too timid to confront the wierd stuff in Obama’s associations, history.
Romney stayed away from Benghazi debacle after he rightfully noticing that Obama was siding with protesters that must have been approved by Morsi in Egypt who wanted to  condemn a video. Not hard to figure why his administration consistently discounted the obvious possibility it was a terrorist attack, or say there was plenty of security even if they continually turned down requests to improve security from an old DC-3 to more guards. His CIA won’t explain why people who were there told Fox that the ex-Seals were turned down when they asked for air cover. It was Glenn Beck who first suspected the “annex” was a CIA base that some people think was gathering up guns and missles to ship to Syrian rebels through Turkey. But the press ignored it, and successfully got Americans to focus on rich people like Romney as the real enemy. Only Fox and the rightbloggers asked any real questions beyond accepting Obama’s statement that everything was done, and everything is being done to find and punish the leader of the attack. By the way, Ahmed Abu Khattala was quickly spotted by witnesses as the leader of clearly-marked Ansar al-Sharia trucks into the attack.  He was  giving interviews to CNN in front of a hotel the day after the attack, so I am completely confident in Obama’s faith in the continuing investigation.
I did have the chance to see  the college presentation Hillsdale College which is the only college you’ll hear doing ads on conservative talk radio, so I like to call it the Conservative Liberal Arts College. When they were in Seattle, they invited prospective students and parents to a seminar with a fancy beef dinner and Karl Rove which was quite impressive.  While it’s not quite up there with Harvard or Stanford, it’s a pretty good 2nd tier with places like Carlton and Macalester, and much better than the average bible-thumper school which are typically the other place to get a conservative education. They pride themselves on not taking any federal money for financial aid because they don’t believe in having to admit students primarily because of their race, which is what affirmative action is REALLY about.  That takes guts to be able to stand up and say we are not going to worry about how many percentages we want of each race and spend a bunch of money and effort pretending that diversity is the most important factor in admissions. They currently don’t show up on any Asian parent’s radar, and they’re not a great engineering or computer science school, but I think it is a school that parents that don’t want to follow the traditional send-your-kids-to a school-as-liberal-as-hell that most parents do.

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