NEMS CEO Eddie Chan Outlines Health Clinics Achievements and Challenges

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NEMS CEO Eddie Chan

SAN FRANCISCO, CA – Despite ongoing challenges in an evolving health care marketplace, North East Medical Services (NEMS) “continues to be the trusted place to go for under-privileged people seeking quality care and services in the Bay Area,” stated Dr. Eddie Chan, President and CEO of NEMS, during a media briefing held at the main office of the Chinatown-based community health center. Chan described the vital human services that NEMS provides at its seven sites throughout the region, recapped past achievements, and outlined his vision for the future of NEMS.

“Although NEMS serves mostly low-income, uninsured, mono-lingual Chinese patients,” Dr. Chan said, “we welcome and are open to anyone. ‘Health Care from the Heart’ — our longstanding motto – is what every patient receives when they visit us.”

NEMS was founded in 1968 in response to the lack of adequate, culturally-competent health care services for the under-privileged and uninsured Asian community. Today, NEMS is the largest community health center in San Francisco, providing services to over 54,000 patients annually. NEMS has a staff of 500, and an annual budget of over $40 million. Funding comes from an array of sources such as public grants, contracts, and partnerships, plus support from private foundations and individual contributions.

NEMS currently operates seven clinics in the San Francisco Bay Area and offers a broad  range of comprehensive outpatient health care services. Five clinics are located in San Francisco, one clinic is in Daly City, and one clinic is in San Jose. The comprehensive health care services include primary medical care for patients of all ages, medical specialties, dental, optometry, pharmacy, laboratory, radiology, behavioral health services, health education, nutrition, and social services. NEMS also provides critical patient eligibility and enrollment assistance to guide patients through the often arcane and complex health care system. NEMS provides services in multiple  languages and dialects, including English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Taiwanese, Vietnamese, Burmese, Korean, and Spanish.

“As we continue to grow, NEMS is finding ways to be more efficient, use better tools and strategies, and look further into the future of health care, including technologies like electronic health records, digital radiology, and pharmacy automation,” said Dr. Chan.

NEMS has been recognized over the years for its community work and efficient operations. Dr. Chan said “NEMS will continue to keep pace in an ever-changing world.” NEMS has been at  the forefront of quality health care delivery–utilizing the latest technology and medical advances to improve care for its patients. It has also worked tirelessly to expand services to the Bay Area

In just the past four years, NEMS opened four of its seven service sites, seeing its patient load rise from 30,000 to over 54,000 annually. Plans are set to open a clinic in the Richmond area and a clinic in the Sunset area soon.

With its 45thanniversary approaching in 2013, NEMS will continue to be the trusted place to go for quality health care and services. Building on NEMS solid operations, finances and staffing, Dr. Chan expects to double NEMS current patient load in the next 3-5 years to meet the demands of health care reform, and to further strengthen NEMS’ role in the community.

“There are many challenges ahead, but also some very exciting opportunities to ensure the poor and underserved are able to receive the care and services they need to live and thrive in the community. NEMS is eager to build a bridge of understanding for our patients and to help them live happier, healthier, and longer lives. A healthier community is a stronger community.”

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