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  • Marily Mondejar, incoming Community Investment and Infrastructure Commissioner


        The California High-Speed Rail Authority is facing a test of its commitment to small and minority business enterprises as it receives bids on Jan. 18 to build the first stretch of 28 miles between Madera and Fresno as part of a system eventually connecting San […]

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  • ahsc bus

    WIN $500 AND FAME! Enter AHSC Poster Contest!

    SAN FRANCISCO, CA (Dec. 27, 2012) – The Asian Heritage Street Celebration (AHSC) is hosting its annual poster contest in partnership with the Asian American Women Artists Association, Asian Art Museum, Center for Asian American Media, and Kearny Street Workshop. Graphic artists are sought to create an […]

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  • Irene Britt

    Irene Chang Britt Leading the Yummy Evolution

        Growing up in Canada, Irene Chang Britt had no way of getting a hold of tasty Pepperidge Farm products, but since moving to the U.S. in 1992, she’s made up for lost time with her favorite snack – Milano cookies. So perhaps she was destined to […]

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  • Alan Lanza

    The Sandy Hook Newtown Shootings And Terrorism

        At least the latest mass shooting that seemed to been performed as methodically as a terrorist operation did not involve an Asian shooter. Adam Lanza has already been compared to the Virginia Tech shooter  Seung-Hui Cho. Like Cho, he was said to have trouble […]

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  • Close to 100 San Francisco tenants facing eviction and community members participated in the protest against the Ellis Act evictions.

    CCDC Organizes Ellis Act Evictions Protest

        At noon on Wednesday, December 19th, seniors, families, and disabled tenants from across San Francisco gathered to protest efforts to evict them from their homes. The wave of evictions threatens long-time residents from Chinatown and other neighborhoods. Increasing rents makes it nearly impossible for […]

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  • Private Danny Chen

    Asian American Civil Rights Groups Seek Reforms Against Military Hazing

        WASHINGTON—This week brought to a close the last of eight courts-martial of soldiers charged in connection with the death of Army Private Danny Chen, a 19-year-old Chinese American from Manhattan, who died in Afghanistan in October 2011 of non-combat injuries following weeks of […]

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  • Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal with wife (right) Supriya Jolly (Courtesy of Jindal campaign)


          OPPORTUNITY KNOCKS IN HAWAII Asian Pacific American (APA) members of Congress have come by way of special off-year elections – California’s Judy Chu of the 32nd District (East Los Angeles, 12% APA voter) and Doris Matsui of the 5th (Sacramento, 6% APA voter). Chu nabbed the heavily Latino […]

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  • Safe Streets! Safe Kids Rally

    Chinese American Parents Want More School Security

            In the wake of the Newton, Conn.-school shooting that killed 20 children, Chinese American parents are calling for stepped up security at schools. According to Chinese-language newspaper China Review News, many Chinese American parents from New York and Los Angeles are […]

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  • President Obama in tears.

    Telltale Signs: The Enabler of Death

        If the Mayan calendar prediction is right and the world ends on December 21, 2012 (5125 in the Mayan calendar), then this will be my farewell article. Of course, if the Mayan Doomsday turns out to be slightly exaggerated, then people will have to […]

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  • teaching

    After Newtown,Teachers Are The New Heroes

          Long ago in my native homeland, Vietnam, I used to bow. As a grade school student, with arms folded, and eyes staring at my sandaled feet, I would mumble, “Thua thay!” – Greetings Teacher! – whenever I’d run into a teacher in […]

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