What We Never Knew About The Man Pushed Into The Subway Train

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Headline You’ll Never See: Korean Man Pushed To His Death by An Af***** American Man
The Trayvon Martin case was all about race, but this is the first I’ve heard about  the race of either the pusher or the pushee.
Hat tip to Larry Shingawa’s Asian American News on Facebook:
A thoughtful article about the significance of the death of Mr. Ki-Suk Han.
Death of Korean-American NYC subway victim Ki-Suck Han makes me long for more heroes in this world «
Serim Han, widow of NYC subway victim Ki-Suck Han, holds up a picture of her late husband at a press conference. Their 20-year-old daughter, Ashley, is seated next to her mother.
  • Asian American News Ringing words of truth: 

    “I’m tired of these stories. I’m tired of hearing about an argument between an Asian American and an African American person over take-out food, over errors in counting change, over language barriers, over harassment of subway…See More

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