The Sandy Hook Newtown Shootings And Terrorism

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Alan Lanza

Adam Lanza

At least the latest mass shooting that seemed to been performed as methodically as a terrorist operation did not involve an Asian shooter. Adam Lanza has already been compared to the Virginia Tech shooter  Seung-Hui Cho. Like Cho, he was said to have trouble connected with his classmates and may have had some mental issues, but where Cho struck out at his alleged tormentor classmates, Lanza went back to his elementary school, as if to create an outrage against society, not just people he knew.

He may have been upset that his divorced mother, who was a collector of guns, was trying to find a setting where he could be treated. As early as the ninth grade, the school would call his mother in to defuse some situation or another. He spent hours by himself in his basement playing first person shooter games surrounded by posters of military hardware and guns. Supposedly, being somebody who knows and respects guns as a collector who takes her son out for some wholesome shooting sessions is precisely the sort of person that should be trusted with guns, not just somebody who picked up a saturday night special who doesn’t know a thing about firearms. I’m not set one way or the other on gun rights, I don’t own a gun, but about half of Americans own one or more guns, especially Republicans. Now they say nobody needs an AR-15 (civilian version of the precision weapon introduced in Vietnam to counter the AK-47) for self defence or hunting, and we don’t fight the British imperialists with self-armed militias anymore. If you want to defend the US against global jihad, the National Guard will issue you one, but on the other hand, the muzzle loading musket was the AR-15 of its day, and if you going to try defending yourself against a terrorist shooting up a school,  this is exactly what a SWAT team or citizen would need to counter him.

The odd thing about the pattern of seeming random violence is that Adam Lankford in the New York Times asked

“WHAT do Mir Aimal Kansi, Ali Abu Kamal, Hesham Mohamed Hadayet and Nidal Malik Hasan have in common with Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold, Seung-Hui Cho and Adam Lanza? The first four claimed to be fighting the American government’s unholy oppression of Muslims; they struck the C.I.A. headquarters, theEmpire State Building, Los Angeles International Airport and the Army base at Fort Hood, Tex., respectively. The last four seemed to be driven by personal motives; they shot up a high school, a universityand an elementary school.

Fort Hood is a false flag because the Obama administration has either been fooled into believing or participating in the coverup to blame the whole thing on workplace violence, not any complaints he had about the War on Islam or love letters promising to meet Anwar al Awlaki in the afterlife. Most of the 2-bit plotters who are given fake bombs by the FBI are put away in months,  but Major Hasan has yet to be put on trial, and will never even be charged with treason or terrorism. The odd thing that is showing up in the conspiracy theory which shows up on internet searches is that Iran and its media affiliates, who seem to blame everything on from 9-11 to Fukushima on Israel and the Jews are now blaming this tragedy as well. Iran’s President Amadinejad spoke of ” interests and profiteering ambitions of a certain group and which have various destructive effects on the society and particularly innocent children and youths?” Could this be the “certain group” that he complains the most about controlling the press, banks, and every other harmful industry? Now Iran’s PressTV has published a story by James H. Fetzer of 9-11 truther fame. He cites Mike Harris of Veterans Today, which is named like a patriotic American website but somehow always seems to be promoting conspiracy theories on the behalf Iran. He says he has

exposed the pattern relating what happened there to earlier assaults: “This is exactly what Israel did in Norway; the political party that voted sanctions against Israel was retaliated against by a ‘lone gunman’ who killed 77 children. This is what Israel always does, they go after the children. “It is what they do in Gaza every day. It is what was done in Norway. It is what happened at Sandy Hook. Nobody buys the ‘one gunman’ story anymore, not with the Gabby Giffords’ shooting, not with the Aurora “Batman” shooting, certainly not with Breveik, and certainly not in Connecticut.”

Now there are two reasons to spin conspiracy theories. One is just to take advantage of the publicity to promote your agenda, say gun control or bashing Israel. Another that comes to mind is the Susan Powell case, the woman who “disappeared” the same night her husband took the kids on a midnight camping trip with a shovel and tarp and jerry cans of gasoline, and later put thousands of miles in a rented car and disappeared for the same couple of days his father Steven Powell in Puyallup Washington decided to take sick days off from work to visit his son and grandkids in the snow. That was just written up in a book by Ann Rule. While some people thought it was an obvious case of a husband knocking off his wife, especially after he committed suicide after murdering his boys, Steven wrote a huge conspiracy theory about how the police could find that she had run off some some other guy to Brazil. In this case, it looks like the purpose of the story just might be to cover someone’s (like his own) involvement in the murder or disappearance, especially since so many people are convinced that Steven knows what happened to Susan. They did nail Steven on creating his own child porn through his neighbor’s window, but he’ll soon be released, and authorities don’t plan to press him on what he knows about the case since he’s taking the fifth. That’s what happens when you have a justice system that refuses to prosecute anybody that did anything to cover up their tracks, like the civil rights lawyer guys and massage friend who invited their pal Robert Eric Wone to their DC home, but ended up calling the cops to report some intruder drugged, stabbed, raped and killed him with knives from the kitchen while nobody noticed.

Now there’s no way anyone would spin a  conspiracy theory about Fukushima to cover up  that they were the ones that  caused a tsunami and meltdown. But it is odd that Lanza went to the trouble to destroy his computer, which suggests he was  communicating with someone else like Nidal Hassan who had all kinds of jihad stuff on his computer. The “batman” shooting which involved an elaborate Al Queda style booby trap bomb seemed to be an awful lot of trouble for somebody to do as a hobby rather than a job for somebody else. Anders Brevik seems  to be the ONLY self-proclaimed Christian to execute what otherwise looked like a perfect one-man Al Qaeda operation. He sure went to a lot of trouble to associate himself with counterjihadists to make them look like bloodthirsty terrorists like him. Nearly all the usual apologists for jihad who say that Israel, not Iran is the real threat cite him as proof that Islamaphobia is the real terrorist threat. Veteran’s Today claimed that the Benghazi embassy ambassador attack was actually a complex operation by a nation state such as the US or Israel backed by friends of Romney. Yet only one nation state that’s been caught trying to kill ambassadors, blow up buses, didn’t condemn the killing of the ambassador, and is still condemns the deposing of Gaddafi and war against Assad. It’s certainly not Israel, and of the two major rival Islamist movements between Shia Iran and  the Sunnis that dominate the Gulf states,  Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood backed the Arab Spring and rebels against dictators, and so far has been supportive of Obama’s leadership, who considers them to be a moderate force for democracy

That Discovery Channel bomber James Jay Lee was seen promoting the issue of depleted uranium, which is mainly an issue for the pro-palestine anti-war crowd, and he had to be working with somebody else.  The last time we saw Kenneth “Why I Hate **** People” Eng, he was posting tributes to both Cho and Lee as Asian American heroes on multiple websites, along with vicious videos of people jumping the 9-11 towers and jihad videos blowing up US servicemen. I think there is more going on in these acts of violence than just the issues of guns and mental health.




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