Missing Terracotta Warrior!

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Lost Warrior

The Asian Art Museum needs your help! One of their terracotta warriors is lost, and they have to find him before China’s Terracotta Warriors: The First Emperor’s Legacy opens on February 22 in San Francisco. What they know is this: a small group of terracotta warriors journeyed from their home in China to the museum—but somewhere along the way, this one took a wrong turn and is now missing. He’s 2,112 years old, about 5’ 5” tall, mud-colored, and doesn’t speak English.

If you spot him, please post a photo on Twitter, Instagram, or Facebook wall and tag it with #LOSTWARRIOR so the Asian Art Museum can track his whereabouts on this map. Even if you don’t have photos, share and tag your tips and leads with #LOSTWARRIOR. Every little bit counts.

REWARD: Those who help may be eligible to win passes to the exhibition. Please spread the word, and thanks! Here’s the Asian Art Museum’s director Jay Xu with a personal call to action.

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