Who’s Behind Militants in Mali and Hostage Terrorists in Algeria?

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Asians can find out lots of interesting stuff surfing Iranian media that evidently other Americans don’t think much of.  Take for example, the Tehran-based Mehr News Agency. It is owned by either the “Islamic Ideology Dissemination Organization (IIDO)” which is also  translated as ” Organization of Islamic Propaganda” or “Ministry of Disinformation”.  In an article titled “Iranian ambassador criticizes West’s double standards toward terrorists in Syria, Mali”, the Iranian ambassador of France complains that the West is opposed to terrorists in Mali, but supports them in Syria. That sort of begs the question whether Iran considers the militants to be terrorist bad guys or good guys fighting imperialists..

Russia Today says that pushing out Islamists may be just a cover for a return of French neo-colonialism. PressTV “interviewed” American Lawrence Freeman of the Executive Intelligence Review, a publication of the anti-semitic LaRouche cult. It was “his opinion” or more likely the opinion of an Iranian  government that already told him what to say that this was a pattern of the US and France working to get rid of  “good local leaders” like Gaddafi and restore western imperial influence over Africa and its natural resources like uranium. In another interview with  Omowale Rupert, with the Pan-African Movement from London, Abayomi Azakiwi, editor of the Pan-African News Wire from Detroit and Finian Cunningham, correspondent of the pro-Palestine liberation 9-11 conspiracy website Global Research, the conclusion was that the “offensive launched by the colonialist evil trio of the US, the UK and France in Mali” will lead to the “genocidal scale murder” of the people in African country. Pretty clear who Iran and its proxies think the bad guys are (France, US, UK) and the good guys are (the militants and Gaddafi).

Who does Iran blame for the attack and killing of hostages of several nations in Algeria? Freeman asked Who are behind these people? You have to look at the Saudi, Qatari country; you have to look at the British themselves who have been working with the Saudis for a number of years; you have to look at who is supplying the Salafist Wahabi operatives and then you have to look at the US operation in Libya where we were essentially overthrowing Gaddafi and killing him illegally, unleashed thousands of depots of arms which were then taken across to Northern Libya.”  So the attackers might be bad people, but Iran is confident they are actually doing the work of the SAME GOVERNMENTS THAT KILLED THEIR OWN PEOPLE. Oh, like Americans killed their own in 9/11, and Churchill killed his own by letting the Lusitania get sunk, Israelis blew up their own Bulgarian bus, and Americans let Pearl Harbor happen, not to mention the latest round of conspiracy theories that Romney and Israel ordered the attacks on Benghazi, the Bulgaria bus and lately, Sandy Hook killed kids for gun control. If you ask me, I think conspiracy theories are created by people and states to cover up for things  that they know they did, but everybody else thinks it’s just crazy people.

Now that’s interesting. There is one very well known nation state that is known for supporting every bunch of terrorists from Hamas to  the Hezbollah to the Taliban and Al Queda that has been trying to kill ambassadors all over the planet. Yet nobody in America has a clue as to what nation state could be blaming everybody else with conspiracy theories from sites like Veterans Today (which is essentially a mirror site for Press TV) might have any connection to these  Al Queda affliated guys in Mali, or the bunch in Algeria who it turns out were led by (South Park was right) “Blame Canada” jihadists, egyptians, tunsians and other assorted Arabs. One thing for sure, if we’re going to rely on good folks like Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama to figure out and punish the people behind Fort Hood (oh right, that was a workplace violence incident, not terrorism), Benghazi (we just let Tunisia let go a guy we know was there at the burning mission who casually said “oh, we’re attacking ambassador stevens” on his facebook page checkin, and won’t even talk to anybody in Ansar Al Sharia who drove in pickup trucks with their unmistakable stripe logos emblazened from nose to tail), Mali and Algeria (again, no clue as to what nation states are sympathetic to the militants), there are a lot of people and states that are going to get away with a lot.




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