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Linsanity: the Movie


The documentary that began filming long before Linsanity became a pop culture reference. American’s favorite unlikely sports hero.


Before the glossy magazine covers and marriage proposals from “Linsane” fans, Jeremy Lin was a quiet NBA journeyman, so unknown to the public eye, the New York Knicks’ security guards didn’t recognize him well enough to let him into the arena. For months, in a grind that would wear anyone down, Jeremy struggled to hold onto a roster spot in the sport he grew up loving. Days from being cut by the third consecutive basketball team, no one could have ever predicted what was going to happen next. The unassuming Harvard alum would take us on one of the wildest rides in sports history as fans all around the world began to take notice.
What began as a film project to document the life of an overlooked NBA walk-on became an all-access pass to one of the unlikeliest stories ever to be told.  The documentary contains exclusive footage with friends, family, teammates, pastors, and Jeremy himself, from home videos of a young Jeremy taking it to the hoop, his personal reflections as he struggled through stints in the NBA D-League, that Christmas day when he was cut by the Rockets, to when he joined the Knicks with a coach he had yet to speak to and a playbook he hadn’t even seen.

The team behind the film is made up of four individuals:

They represent talent with documentary directing and producing experience.  They have current working relationships with the NBA and have worked with NBA Entertainment on past projects.

They have had the exclusive permission to document Jeremy’s personal life for several years now, capturing never-before-seen footage of him at the highest and lowest points in his basketball career. An intimate portrayal of a rising hero fighting unbeatable odds, it is their joy to share Jeremy Lin’s story with you now, however, this is an independent film that has not been financially backed by any major Hollywood movie studio.


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The small amount of money raised at the start of this project has long been spent on basic expenses such as travel for filming. Now Leong, Chen, Yang, and Lu are faced with increasing expenses to finish the film including sound editing, graphics, color-correction, and general licensing for such things as footage, music, photos, etc. They are relying on the public to help fund their project.

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