The Assasination of Top Sniper American SEAL Chris Kyle

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Chris Kyle

Chris Kyle

Update: Check out the comments. One wants to free the MIT mother AAFIA SIDDIQUI who was one of the two people besides the WTC 1993 bombing blind sheikh that the Algerian terrorists wanted to free. Another one was an anti-semitic “Jews control America” rant that I found was identical to a post by a 9/11 truther professor, which seems to bolster the theory that whoever is behind this 9-11 truther and free-the-terrorist movement is also behind the people attacked on 9/11 and figured out a way to recruit and train a shooter to kill Kyle and blame it on gun violence and mental illness. I have no idea what nation state would have the capability and motive to be behind all of these things, but somebody needs to figure it out, and we can all be certain that nobody in the “what jihad attack at Fort Hood?” Obama administration would admit to it even if somebody confessed to it.

All America needs is yet another unexplained lone gunman non-terrorist killing of American Hero Chris Kyle. The extent of his fame and America’s gratitude is  that his memorial will be held on Monday filling up the Dallas Cowboys stadium and thousands are invited to watch the procession to Austin, though Obama is probably too busy to attend on such notice. Snipers are the most elite riflemen of the world’s militaries, and he was America’s most celebrated sniper of the Afghanistan conflict described by wikipedia:

United States Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper in American military history, with 160 confirmed kills (out of 255 claimed kills) At the age of 8, Kyle’s father taught him to shoot. As a youth, he trained as a bronco rider for the rodeo, which he gave up after a serious injury to his arm. He had intended to volunteer and enlist in the U.S. Marine Corps, and was recruited by the U.S. Army, but eventually enlisted with the U.S. Navy. Kyle served four tours in the second Iraq war, and was awarded the Bronze and Silver Star medals multiple times. Iraqi insurgents dubbed him the “Devil of Ramadi” and offered an increasing bounty for his head. He was shot twice, and was involved in six IEDattacks. Kyle separated from the U.S. Navy with an honorable discharge in 2009 to spend time with his family. He remained in the spotlight during retirement, and wrote a New York Timesbestselling autobiography, American Sniper.

Few partiots like Kyle are astute enough to notice when something is amiss as he called out as “treason” Joe Biden’s statement that the Taliban who were shooting at Kyles comrades were “not the enemy”. What most Americans don’t know is that in Kyle’s book, he described an encounter in a bar with  former governor of Minnesota, now 9-11  conspiracy theorist (not to mention every other disinformation being promoted by Iran)  Jesse Ventura. Ventura was at a bar  in Coronado in 2006 where family members holding a wake for Michael Mansoor, one of the first SEALs killed in Iraq. Kyle said that Ventura loudly objected to the war in Iraq before calling the troops “murderers” and saying “we deserved to lose a few guys”. In anger, Kyle then claims he punched Ventura, knocked him to the floor, and ran away. Ventura later countered with a lawsuit, denying the event ever happened. However Ventura wasn’t directly named in the book, but a fan seemed to know Kyle was talking about Ventura which he then admitted, but seems to be a huge reaction to something that never happened. That account and denial sounds entirely consistent with the sort of crazy anti-American lies and conspiracy theories being championed by Ventura, including energy beam attacks on the World Trade Center and that the US staged the attacks on its own embassies in Benghazi and Egypt. Tehran has been carpet bombing the blogosphere, youtube channels and faux “patriot” websites like Veterans Today (ADL calls it an anti-semitic conspiracy outlet) which is just an American face for Iranian news agencies like PressTV and Mehr (both heavily influenced by Iran’s KGB-trained MOIS ministry of disinformation and use Jews and American veterans as spokesmen) with “false flag” conspiracy theories from every terrorist-style  attack on the US from the USS Cole to Sandy Hook.

Sara Palin, God bless her was one of the first political figures to mourn Kyle. America’s most conservative Filipina Michelle Malkin also paid her respects. Obama, who was so proud of his SEAL operation oddly hasn’t said a word even though he works so hard to make both the Zionists and Islamists equally happy.

But not everyone thinks Kyle is an American Hero. The most famous statement of disrespect comes from a tweet of Ron Paul, who doesn’t seem to mind being the favorite candidate of white nationalists, neo-nazis and 9-11 truthers for Iran. He said that it shows that he who “lives by the sword dies by sword” which would seem to indicate his murder was an act of “justice” for unjustified killing, and of course he opposed using a gun range as therapy for PTSD. Of course, this is the same guy who says he didn’t realize he was running a racist neo-nazi newletter, he is so anti-war he gave a neo-confederate speech against Lincoln’s Unneccesary War of Aggression Against the South in front of the stars and bars. He cries out against aid for Israel, for justice for Palestineans, and can’t understand why anyone wouldn’t let Iran have nukes like Israel and Pakistan.

So surfing around the usual conspiracy theory channels with keywords like “war criminal”, “zionist”  and “false flag”, it turns out there is a whole world out there that is an online character assasination of Chris Kyle who most Americans consider a hero, but a lot of people who call themselves “patriots” think is an enemy of muslims and the world. There is something wrong with patriots who believe that Iran is not America’s enemy, but Israel (and the Jews) are America’s real enemy. There is something wrong when American-ism means supporting the military aims of America’s antagonists from Iran to Libya, Cuba, Venezuela, China, Russia and North Korea (and often the Confederacy and National Socialism), and opposing the US, NATO, Israel, Britain and France. Looking at the connections of the “Justice for War Criminal Chris Kyle” fan club, you’d think that the Iran/Palestine/Al Queda/World Jihad Axis which put a price on Kyle’s head when he was in Afghanistan wanted him as dead as Obama wanted to get Bin Laden. They are already giving Kyle’s killer a medal of honor. It seems they would wished they could have figured out how to have recruited and trained a guy to make him look like a crazy lone gunman with no sane reason to kill Kyle and his friend as if there wasn’t any obvious reason any terrorist or any nation-state would want him dead. Seems highly unlikely that a guy like Eddie Routh would fake suddenly getting PTSD in the past months threatening his family and woman enough to visit a mental health treatment center twice and then seek out help from Kyle at a gun range. (But possible…) No reason for authorities to even investigate that scenario or if Routh hung out with people who thought Kyle was killer of innocent people defending their homeland.

Afterall, there was no obvious motive for the killer of Martin Luther King, James Earl Ray, who hung out with neo-nazi white nationalists who had no obvious  reason at all to murder a black civil rights leader. Interestingly, the same lawyer William Francis Pepper who has been trying to convince the world that Ray was innocent, and MLK was killed by a government conspiracy (like 3000 Americans on 9-11 were killed by a US/Israel conspiracy)  is also still trying to free Robert F Kennedy’s killer Sirhan Sirhan who was also such a popular guy, those ultimate good-guys, the Palestine Liberation we’re-the-ones-who-bomb-airliners  terrorists also wanted him freed, and helped get their pal Ayatollah back into power in Iran. Although the first Palestinean terrorist on US soil initially confessed that  he shot RFK in the name of Palestine and hatred of Israel, but history has somehow spun him as a lone crazy guy who also had no obvious reason to kill Kennedy. This Pepper fellow interestingly also has ties to Veterans Today, as well as the 9-11 truth movement, and the neo-Nazi American Free Press (whose writers are the same American contributors used by Iran’s PressTV) .

Then there is the case of the Afghanistan policewoman Nargas who told interrogators she just woke up one morning with crazy urge to shoot somebody important, and just happened to shoot an American advisor Joseph Griffin of Mansfield, Ga. because she was crazy. Authorities were baffled with no “obvious” motive although because the woman was Iranian with an Iranian passport who disappeared without explanation for a couple of days though some people initially had the absurd idea she might be an Iranian spy. Still, Aghan soldiers and police had been known to suddenly shoot fellow Afghan or American soldiers and then run to join the Taliban (supported by Iran), also the Obama administration telling us that they have no clue as to a motive other than we are respecting Islamic culture enough. The Obama administration’s Department of Defence and Department of Justice somehow established that  militant Islamist Jihad and a conversation with Al Queda commander Anwar Al Awlaki had NOTHING to do with Major Nidal Hasan’s sudden attack on fellow soldier which many Arab/Islamic advocacy groups also blamed on PTSD and the war in Iraq.  Awlaki was a man so dangerous, he was tracked since before 9-11 when he was linked to guys who bought Bin Laden’s satellite phone and a charity for Yemens’ red-bearded Imam, and identified as the spiritual leader for the 9-11 hijackers,  his phone line to Yemen was bugged by the NSA. Still it is odd  that Obama won’t link  Hasan to Al Queda, but approved the drone strike against citizen Awlaki by a special targeted killing order that is still making the news, giving me the impression that he selectively looks out against terrorists only about half the time.

Law enforcement were also baffled by the killing of two soldiers at a recruiting station in Little Rock by a muslim convert  Abdulhakim Mujahid Muhammad who eventually confessed he had travelled to Yemen, home of Anwar al Awlaki where he was trained by a radical cleric who might have been Awlaki, and even visited by FBI agents who checked to see if he was up to something. Major Hasan was “happy” when he heard about the killing to defend the Jihad, yet authorities and lawyers doubted  Muhammad’s  Jihad confession, since he could not show a passport with an official Al Queda stamp on it from Yemen. Once again, most people seem to think it was a simple case of a guy going “crazy” with “no obvious motive”. And then we have MIT-trained Al Qaeda mom Aafia Siddiqui who the Algeria terrorists wanted to be freed who also had “no obvious motive” to grab a gun and shoot US interrogators after vanishing without a trace into Alqaedastan  for years. Liberals and militant Islamist insist was she was just a random innocent mother’s  name given out by 9-11 mastermind  Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, and the US people lied about why they shot her. These terrorist cover stories work like a charm on Americans every time.

Here are some of the amazing comments on Kyle’s death on Alex Jones’ Infowars and other sites. This doesn’t even include the anti-semitic neo-nazi sites out there which aren’t fit to print here which call him a “war criminal” working for the “zionists”, all code language that sounds like it comes straight out of intelligence propoganda disinformation writers from a nation-state.

He is most likely in hell for his murder of the Muslim SAINTS!

The punisher has been punished

The US invaded another nation for no justified reason so yes it was murder being a sniper. I am no liberal or gun control advocate.

He got what was comming to him

Book of Revelation, 13:10: “He that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.”

F-ck Chris Kyle. Just another punk that hid behind a rifle and killed countless people. He also lied about the fight with Ventura and was being sued.

HEY BRAGGART. Karma is a bitch. Now answer for the 150 you brag about. The old time soldiers don’t (didn’t) brag.

What goes around comes around…. Chris Kyle was a piece of sh*t

Rest in piss Chris Kyle. You deserved to die for lying about Jesse Ventura. Enjoy your time in hell.

The dead guy sounds like a douche bag to me. I won’t miss another mercenary killer.

There is never a lone gunman: anon O’Oh, another “Lone Nut Gun-Man”. Now all we need to know is who was his handler. There is never a “Lone Nut Gun Man” — always the first important piece of disinformation. Unless they can prove a relationship between the shooter and thee shot, I believe it NOT.

Alex Jones ordered this hit so he could make more money off of the sheep who graze on this website.

Hitler was on the right track with the J-holes. That’s a war we should have stayed out of!!

Make believe in events that never took place…AKA The Holocaust

he was nothing more than a POS. we should have never been in that country to begin with. he literally bragged about taking out men and women with head shots.
a man that shoots a citizen defending his country from foreign invaders is any thing but a hero,he took an oath to support and defend the constitution of the usa and then broke the oath as soon as he set foot on Iraq soil.

Karma can be a real MFer. Kyle lied about punching Jesse Ventura just to draw publicity to his American Sniper autobiography book. The ex-Navy Seal (Terry Moy) owner of the bar where Kyle claimed he punched Ventura said it never happened.I do think that Eddie Routh should be punished for killing Kyle and Littlefield, but I do not think

What kind of sick person goes around bragging about murdering hundreds of people who never did anything but protect their country? How many here would fight against China invading your country? You have confused who the terrorist are. Propaganda is a powerful thing and you went for it sucker!

Those who conspired and murdered former Navy SEAL Chris Kyle at the Texas shooting range, are a CLEAR AND PRESENT DANGER TO AMERICAN FREEDOM AND LIBERTY. THIS WAS NEITHER COINCIDENCE NOR ACCIDENT. What are our troops overseas going to do for the People of THIS nation getting killed for foreign affairs and dictates out of Israel? Benghazi and Clinton. Kyle vs the CIA-DHS. Barry vs the Christians. Schumer, Bloomberg Boxer, vs the American militia. The Israeli-CIA war with Iran to eliminate THIS NATION. ( Let you and him fight our war. A Jewish strategy.)

ah ok, you are suggesting that the perception in the media is: navy seal who was opposed to Ventura is shot by angry Jesse Ventura supporter?

The world is a better place without him.

Kyle was an AmeriKKKan assassin murdering innocents throughout the globe – and he was so proud of his murder! I’m glad to see that justice has been served – he was assassinated!!

this was a hit a takeout by a assassin

Looking this over, we can conclude some of these people are

  • are fans of Alex Jones
  • support Ron Paul and Jesse Ventura who either promote or are sympathetic to 9/11 truthers and muslim nationalists
  • one supports hitler
  • many are anti-semitic or holocaust deniers
  • support notion that US invades muslim countries
  • Kyle killed “muslim saints”. What kind of an American Patriot reveres Muslim saints?
  • Is concerned about war against Iran by Israel. Just like President Ahmadinejad
  • Dislikes Kyle (punk, POS, douche bag) and what he did for US military
  • sympathize with Iraq insurgents, Taliban, or Al Queda

It is astounding that Americans can tolerate trolls like  this, and be completely unaware of the enemy among us. And it’s not the pro-Israel side. It is said that more Americans should and could have spotted the 9-11 hijackers, and at airports there are signs that IF YOU SEE SOMETHING, SAY SOMETHING. These anti-Israel pro-Jihad terrorist trolls and sympathizers and possibly some of Iran’s 30,000 paid intelligence agents are all over the internet comment boards, and they really don’t hide what side they are on. They don’t look like militant Muslims, but few Americans are astute enough to realize when somebody like Ron Paul, Jesse Ventura, George Soros or former CIA Bin Laden chief Michael Scheurer are calling for pulling out of Iraq, Afghanistan and Israel, they are simply putting an American face on being apologists for the Jihad. They are not stupid, they are not crazy, they are on the other side. Like Alex Jones, who talks like he’s been through a KGB disinformation training course, there IS a war for your mind ever since the “antiwar” movement first lobbied against war with Hitler before it complained about fighting Viet Cong terrorists in Saigon. Poet and pornographer Frank Marshall Davis was Communist Party leader who was editor of propoganda newspapers investigated by the FBI for promoting disinformation straight from Moscow before he came to be Barack Obama’s mentor in Hawaii. As much as Iran is pushing the message that Iran is not the enemy, Israel is, Iran and their Palestine nationalist friends have been the ones behind every terrorist and Al Queda attack from Beirut to African embassies to 9-11 to the latest wave of bank cyberattacks, and blaming the “rogue nations” of Israel or USA and “war crimes” against the Palestineans for every one. They are acting like they are for the enemy because that is exactly who they are. Americans complained about Obama’s  “green jobs” advisor Van Jones whose only qualifications were that he was an obvious 9-11 truther communist (and he’s still doing TV interviews as an expert leftist) and he was driven out.



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